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Why have 25 years old when you can have 15......

Posted on Tuesday 24 September 2013

Why have 25 years old when you can have 15....

Calling all you Canadian customers who browse our website looking to purchase one of our World Class Defenders. We are sure that you are aware you cannot buy and import a Brand new Defender into Canada and given we receive frequent enquiries on our 25 year old stock from Canada we thought it would be wise to let you know you can legally import 15 year old Defenders into Canada. We do, we have and we shall!!

Why have 25 years old when you can have 15......

A recent example was Guy a gentlemen from Canada who enquired on our Defender 90 Wolfedition. Wolf if you are not familiar is our 25 year old showpiece as pictured below and now belongs to a Mr Dennis True from North Carolina. Guy was not aware he could have a 15 year old Defender and that we could refurbish one to the exact cosmetic appearance of Wolf using a 15 year old corrosion free chassis as the platform and as ever mechanically preparing the Defender and adding new doors, seating, wheels and anything else as required. Guy is heading over to join us next week from Canada finalise the specification and place his order. You too can do just the same although you dont need to fly in. Over 50% of our customers buy remotely over the telephone and this is throughout the World including Africa, Oceania and all across Europe to name but a few. 

The advantage of a 15 year old Defender is the later 300Tdi engine. The favourable choice for many an enthusiast throughout the world. We have just taken an enquiry from Africa as to whether these can be installed in brand new units as the 300Tdi engine for them is ideal for their climate with its go anywhere through anything anyhow attitude. 

Why have 25 years old when you can have 15......

A few facts for you on the 300Tdi engine are listed below:

The development of the 300Tdi engine included for 208 changes over the 200Tdi unit. The most obvious external changes were the fitting of a rubber acoustic cover over the engine to reduce noise and the change to a single serpentine belt to drive the ancillaries instead of the multiple V-belts of the older engines. Emissions regulation included the fitting of an exhaust gas recirculation system. Power and torque outputs remained the same. The 300Tdi was noticeably smoother and quieter than the 200Tdi. The 300Tdi was replaced in 1998 by the 5-cylinder Td5, bringing to an end the line of Land Rover 4-cylinder engines that can be traced back to 1957. However the 300Tdi remained in production in Brazil, and was offered as an option on rest of world (non-UK/Europe) models. 

Layout: 4-cylinder, in-line
Block/head: Cast iron/aluminium alloy
Valves: OHV, belt-driven camshaft, push-rod operated
Capacity: 2,495 cc (152.3 cu in)
Fuel injection: Bosch VE rotary pump and Bosch two-stage injectors. 
Power: 111 hp (83 kW) @ 4,250 rpm Torque: 195 lbf?ft (264 N?m) @ 1,800 rpm

Why have 25 years old when you can have 15...... 

Having digested the above... big deep breath. Did you also know that the later 300Tdi variant can also be supplied with air conditioning? Ideal for the changing Canadian climate. The 300Tdi also has a far superior heater system and many were specified from the factory with heated front and rear demist screens. Power steering is supplied on all as well as any other accessories the beautiful example we find were supplied with from the factory when new. Further note, if its not fitted just ask. There is every possibility that we can. 

Why have 25 years old when you can have 15......

As you can see from the photographs included throughout this article we have built for the subtle, the brave, the bold and the lavish. Whatever your taste your style or requirements are we shall have a Defender ready to prepare just for you. Give us a call 24 hours Global sales manager Steve is happy to talk night and day and shall as ever carefully guide you through our stock and help you build the dream Defender that is just right for you. Once Steve is satisfied you shall then be passed over to Andy who with many years of quality control experience under his belt will oversee the project and report to you with pictures and progress. Once your Defender is built Steve will then export your Defender from the UK and ship via ocean freight to your closest or chosen Canadian port.

Why have 25 years old when you can have 15...... 

From the LRUK news team, Good morning, Good day or Good night.....


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