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Arkonik Pioneers

Arkonik has a growing list of what we call our ‘Pioneers’

These are customers who, just like you, have seen our product and have decided to go ahead and buy. In many cases our Pioneers live many thousands of miles away in the USA, Canada, Africa, New Zealand, etc.

Most of these guys and gals will have purchased and customised their Defender without ever having visited our premises and without ever having seen their vehicle until the day it arrives with them.
Arkonik Pioneers Map

1. Shane from South Carolina

From the first phone call two years ago, to present day, has been an awesome journey. I can't believe my dream SUV is now in my garage. There are days when I go down stairs turn on the lights and just stare at my beautiful 110.

2. Pat & Nina from North Carolina, USA

When we got the vehicle over to the US, we took it to a local mechanic who specializes in Land Rovers. He is an independent guy and not affiliated to Arkonik. He said that the work on the engine, transmission and the overall truck was sublime.

3. Madeleine & Jack from Portland, OR

The anticipation was a killer, but the photographic updates were a fantastic salve. Of course, once she was here, we were absolutely thrilled with the result!  We get nothing but compliments wherever we go, including the local Land Rover shop!

4. Keenan from Parker, CO

I chose to buy an Arkonik Defender because it represents what I value and will bring fantastic adventures for many years to come.

5. Michael & Carol from Arizona, USA

We chose Arkonik because it became very clear to us, very quickly, that they are the authority on Defenders. The website is fantastic. The staff team is clearly dedicated to the quality of their product - we didn't hesitate for a moment once we understood the cost involved.

6. Christian from Akron, OH

The confidence in my choice to trust Arkonik with this project was immediately rewarded... They are second to none.

7. Todd from Ketchum, ID

I'm naturally a cautious person.  I did some initial research on Arkonik and concluded they had a good reputation.  It was a real pleasure doing business with Arkonik. 

8. John from Owasso, OK

My recent experience with Arkonik has been exceptional. The entire team delivered on every aspect of the project! Wow, what a vehicle.

The entire Arkonik team is very passionate on what they do, and it shows in the product that they produce. Quality is there number one objective and I can honestly say that I am very pleased with the final product!

9. Travis from Lone Tree, CO

The part I enjoyed most about the build process, in addition to the customer service, was the consistent updates. The constant flow of pictures made me feel like I was there.

10. Ed from Queens, NY

It was a relationship which began on the phone and Andy had every answer. He has the same passion for Defenders as I do for watches.

11. John from New Orleans, LA

Arkonik, fantastic job on the Defender! True craftmanship every step of the way. I can't wait to build my next Defender with them. 

12. Kamran from Chattanooga, TN

I strongly believe that Arkonik's care and workmanship is shown in every detail of my Land Rover - a reputation which allowed me to invest confidence in paying for a $60,000+ vehicle.

13. Clint from Toronto, ON

My Defender turns heads everywhere I drive in the city. The vehicle is a family favourite to my wife, 4-year-old daughter and of course our faithful Boston Terrier.

14. Ryan from Pennsylvania

I really love my Defender! Arkonik really made it a great experience throughout the build.  I loved being able to check the portal weekly to see the process. I will definitely recommend Arkonik to others.

15. Chris from West Linn, OR

Since purchasing a Land Rover Defender from Arkonik, a long distance friendship has been forged and I am now the proud owner of a 1984 Defender 110. 

The Arkonik team have been great in supporting me with all my questions and I look forward to our continued relationship as I slowly restore my Defender.

16. Tom from Bath, UK

I can't recommend Arkonik enough, the whole process has been a pleasure and the end result tells the story of a company that genuinely cares about what they do.