Our Biggest Ever Promotion

This Summer we offered our clients the chance to win BIG!
This Summer Arkonik gave their clients the opportunity to WIN a Defender 90 soft-top to accompany their order upon delivery! We are thrilled to announce the winner as Mr David Maughan & his family. This Phoenix Orange D90 will accompany their Santorini Black D110 when it arrives in Colorado next year. Mr Maughan was delighted to receive the call and excited to tell his family...

"When I got the call from Arkonik and heard that we were the winners of the D90 soft top I just couldn’t believe it was true! I was excited beyond belief couldn't wait to be share with my family. That night, as we sat around the table for family dinner, I got very serious and told the kids that we had a very serious announcement to make. They all sat up and leaned in waiting expectantly - then I pulled out a picture of that beautiful D90 and told them that we won! They all started screaming excitedly in disbelief. We are all thrilled beyond belief and can’t wait hit the mountain trails together in our new Arkonik Defender!" (Mr Maughan)
Summer promotion
Arkonik summer promotion Arkonik summer promotion
Dear Arkonik Decision Committee,

We are passionate about two things in our life: our family and the outdoors. Owning an Arkonik D90 soft-top would afford us the opportunity to combine both of the things we feel so passionately about. On our perfect day, we would wake up early in the beautiful Rocky Mountains and hit the 4 wheel drive only trail that was carved out over 150 years ago by courageous and hearty silver miners. Even in the Summer, the air would be nice and crisp so we’d be wearing jackets and breathing in the crisp, cool air as we headed up the mountain in the soft-top D90.
The beautifully renovated Arkonik D90 would allow us to navigate the steep switchbacks up the mountain that very few vehicles can endure. As we round one corner, we would notice a new Dodge truck that had gotten stuck trying to manoeuvre the rough terrain. With a smile on our faces, we would prepare the winch and gladly help pull the truck to safety - smiling to ourselves the whole time. Once up top, we would hit the trails, hiking to the top of the peak in time to eat lunch, whilst taking in the views of the valley and the small mountain town of Breckenridge far below.
The soft-top removed, we would be able to soak in the spectacular views all around us as we carefully wind down the steep trails. After a quick shower at home, we would all hop back in the beautifully renovated D90 and head into town for dinner. As rugged as the D90 is on the outside, it is luxurious and comfortable on the inside - something almost impossible for any other vehicle to deliver. Given the fact that it is a small mountain town, we would likely see friends and acquaintances, stop to say hello and answer questions about the tough, yet beautiful vehicle we would be driving around, allowing us to share our passion for the beloved Arkonik soft-top D90.
A glorious, perfect day with the family, in the outdoors - in the ultimate vehicle! A perfect day indeed! Thank you for considering our application!

David Maughan
Arkonik summer promotion Arkonik summer promotion
Summer promotion
When I was 15 years old a new, wealthy family moved into my small farming town in CA. While riding my bike in their neighborhood I saw the new the family drive down the street in a white, Jeep type car. I wasn’t much of a car person but I knew that it was the coolest car I had ever seen and I thought to myself, “I will have one of those cars one day.”

Fast-forward 10 years and I was now married, living in London, England. One weekend my husband and I pulled out our trusty National Trust book to see what cool new English village, castle or gardens we wanted to explore. We decided to drive down to the Cornwall area of the UK. While driving down what seemed like a one way road, lined with dense vegetation on either side, we came to a turn and on the other side of that turn a white Jeep looking car drove passed. I immediately freaked out and told my husband to turn the car around and follow the white “Jeep”. I knew it was the same car I had seen in CA as a young girl and I was determined to find out what kind of car it was. We finally got close enough to the “Jeep” to see that the car of my dreams was a DEFENDER!

Fast forward another 15 years and I am still married and we have three awesome kids. One of our favorite things to do as a family is enjoy the outdoors. We live in the great state of Colorado where there are so many mountains to hike, trails to run on and mountain roads to explore. I can just imagine our family loading up our Defender with camping gear, food and our mountain bikes, ready for our next big family adventure. In my mind the Defender is still the “coolest car I have ever seen” but I know it would be the “coolest family car we could ever have” as well. To have a car that could climb a mountain with ease, and take my family off the beaten path to explore more of our beautiful state would be a dream come true!

Amber Maughan
Summer promotion

Well I would first want to introduce myself. I am Julianne Maughan and I am 11 years old. I would just like to say that this is sweet that I get a chance to win a free Defender! My family and I love to spend most of our time enjoying the outdoors. We all enjoy hiking, biking, playing sports and camping up in the mountains. My family owns a cabin in Breckenridge and we love to ski and go up there often. We are a very active family. If we had a Defender we could go four-wheeling and go through small lakes. A Defender is an awesome car and having one is even cooler! My Mom has always wanted a Defender and if we had one my Mom would be so happy! I know that the Defender was originally made in England for the farmers and even that would make it cooler, especially to have one here.

Julianne - Aged 11

One of my favourite things to do is spend time in the outdoors with my family. Together we like to bike, hike, fish, climb and camp. If we had the opportunity to own and use a Defender, we could take these adventures to a whole other level. As a family we could venture to places we have only dreamed of. I imagine flying through the mountain passes and running through massive puddles that spray water high into the air as we continue on our journey. We have our camping gear packed in the back and we smile, laugh and have a good time driving through the beautiful mountains. Then later that night camping, with our eyes to the stars, dreaming of the other adventures that await us.

Robin Maughan - Aged 12

Hello my name is Nicole and I am 8 years old. I would want the car so we could go up big rocks and go through rivers. I would like it because we could go super fast and it would have cool seats. If we won the car, we could go camping in the mountains. We could go camping and on hikes and go through puddles of water and the water would SPLASH!!!!!! I would love winning a DEFENDER!

Nicole - Aged 8
David's design for his D110 is based on DUKE. This Santorini Black Defender will accompany his Phoenix Orange prize when it is delivered next year.