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Arkonik Defenders - Without Equivalent. 

Our English built and hand assembled Land Rover Defenders are to be found across the globe, some within discreet and private collections, but many in everyday use. Our vehicles can be seen throughout the USA, Canada, and many other parts of the world. 

3 routes to ownership of an Arkonik Defender are available. Choose ORIGINS for an elegantly original Defender, enjoy enhanced scarcity with our discerning EDITIONS range, or commission your own unique custom build with our rare and BESPOKE service.
Our vehicles are designed, built, equipped and shipped to meet with regional regulations and local environmental needs. We guarantee importation to all delivery destinations and tailor the Arkonik experience to every individual.

To start your Arkonik journey, simply call or email us for more information.

After ordering not one, but two Defenders (his and hers...), my family recently visited the Arkonik "factory" in Mells to see the production...The energy and passion that the craftsmen bring was evident from the engine block all the way to the final polish of the doors. Arkonik has taken an iconic truck and built it to the standard it deserves to be shown in public. Every time we step into one of our trucks, hear the tight click of the door closing, fire up the engine, release the clutch and steer out to the road, we will know that the team who built our vehicle is the best in the business.

Mr. Neel  |  Pennsylvania, USA
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Keeping the Defender spirit alive. A quicker, simpler, more affordable way to Arkonik ownership.


Handpicked from our extensive back catalogue, Arkonik EDITIONS come with a host of enhanced features.


For the ultimate Arkonik experience, commission a completely custom Land Rover Defender.