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ARKON X2 Defender 90: My Story

Whilst we were visiting good friends of ours in the Midlands, I spotted a restored Defender 90 near Stoke. As an owner of many collector cars, the centrepiece being a Land Cruiser FJ40 that I compl ...

What our customers are saying

We take great pride in building our product and ensure that every step of the process is the best that it can possibly be. That said, it's still humbling to receive such widely acclaimed praise.

Jack | Madeleine

"Couldn't recommend them more highly and looking forward to using them again!"

Farshid | Raven

"I thank Arkonik from the bottom of my heart. This is one of the best purchases I've ever made. I would do this all over again in a heart beat."

Spencer | Odyssey

We sat down with Spencer, a recent client from Georgia, USA to talk about his truck ODYSSEY by Arkonik. The beautiful black 110 was completed a couple of weeks ago and Spencer kindly agreed to give ...

Keenan | Vetted, used, and tested

The build process was the closest thing I can imagine to what it's like to have a child. It took about 9 months. Routine check-ins with provided me with progress and development status.

First Day on the Job | Fresh Eyes at Arkonik HQ

As first experiences go I have to say that it was an overwhelmingly positive one. Never before have I had such an exciting and fun first day at a job. Andy, the MD, highlighted to me that working o ...

Paul | Urban-FLO

"The design process was great; Thomas sent me a sample of leather during the design phase. I carried it in my pocket for 6 months."

Americans in Somerset | Thoughts on Arkonik

"Every conversation was eye opening, and it quickly became clear that the most valuable item at Arkonik isn't just the Defenders they are restoring - but the PEOPLE they employ."

'We Intrepid Few'

Hear what Brian Eckerson, a Reforma client and dedicated Defender enthusiast, has to say about Arkonik and the spirit of Defender. 

The Wizard Defender 110

The Wizard Defender 110's owner discusses his Arkonik experience to date. 

Arkonik Defender 110 Review

'Arkonik was the only company offering full customization with such a level of quality'

Churchill Defender 110 Review

The Churchill Defender has arrived in Arizona and its owner, Joe Acuna could not be happier! 

Arkonik Visit Review

Justin Leitch visits Arkonik's premises to meet the people who will be building his future Defender 90. 

Arkonik Pioneers Testimonials

Have you met the Arkonik Pioneers?

Churchill Defender 110

The Defender that will never surrender!

Arkonik D-110 Nero

Meet our most recent gloss black customization Nero!

Arkonik D110 Black Sheep

Meet the mighty Arkonik Defender 110 Black Sheep!

Guardian Defender 110

Sleek, black and glossy... Meet the newest Arkonik D110 'Guardian'.


Watch our Ragtop D90 'Rag-o Top' glide along the seaside!

Pheonix Defender 110

Read more about the Pheonix Defender here 

The Sovereign Defender 110

A stylish Defender fit for royalty! 

'We love the Rapide Defender!'

The second Rapide edition Defender has arrived in New York! 

Kronos | Customer Review

Another great customer review!

Arkonik Defender reviews

See what Arkonik's customers are saying about their new Defenders! 

This week at Arkonik

Time to wrap up an exciting week at Arkonik. 

Running Over Defender 110

See one of Arkonik's most customised projects to date! 

One year Defender anniversary

Another week full of Arkonik customers sharing their happy reviews

Join the Arkonik Defender club

Talk to a Pioneer today! 

The Chrome Defender arrives in Michigan

Remember the impressive Chrome Defender? It has now arrived safely in Michigan, USA. See what its new owner has to say. 

The Experience - Buying from the USA

I am writing this endorsement of Arkonik, not because I was asked to, because I have insisted upon detailing my experiences. My vehicle has not even shipped yet but I am still more than excited and ...

Meet the owner of OUREA

Meet Lyons Brown, the owner of OUREA.

3,000 miles in and lovin' it

Read a collection of reviews from happy Arkonik customers. 

A classic with a twist

A throwback Defender that holds close to classic aesthetic. Read more here

The Cracraft Family

The Cracraft family share their Arkonik experience. Read more here

Meet Michael from Seattle, USA

Meet another USA customer who has locked down a build slot with Arkonik. 

Meet Scott Manicom from Toronto, Canada

Last weekend, Scott Manicom and three of his buddies travelled from Canada, all the way to Somerset to visit Arkonik. 

"I can't wait to receive my Defender this summer!"

Eduardo Gonzalez has waited many years to be the owner of a Land Rover Defender 110 and this wait is due to come to an end this summer.

"You only live once. Why waste it without a Defender"

Arkonik's Oklahoma-based Pioneer offers his advice to prospective Defender owners. 

"I think she is absolutely beautiful"

Meet Bill from British Columbia Columbia, Canada who recently took delivery of his custom-built Arkonik Defender 110. 

"She is sublime!"

Several weeks ago, Arkonik's Sales Manager, Thomas Parry flew to New Jersey, to hand-deliver the popular Kewisck Green "Kodiak" Defender 110 to its new and eager owner, Ken Olsen. Read more about K ...

Meet Greg from Oklahoma

Greg was one of three friends from Oklahoma who decided to purchase a Defender 110 from Arkonik. Read more about his experience here. 

Defender 90 Review | The Kali Black Defender

Read more about one customer's experience with Arkonik whose vehicle is scheduled for delivery this month.

Meet Thomas from Michigan

Read more about one customer's experience with Arkonik whose vehicle is currently in production. 

"We could not be more excited!"

Read more about a customer's experience with Arkonik whose vehicle is currently in production. 

"It was a pleasure working with you"

Arkonik customer eagerly awaits arrival of his custom-built D-110 in Wisconsin, USA. 

"It looks phenomenal"

Our first Hawaii-based Arkonik Pioneer shares his positive feedback.

Alaskan client orders two Defenders

Arkonik receives two orders from a wonderful customer based in Alaska. 

The County Defender has arrived in the USA!

Arkonik's popular custom County Defender 110 has arrived in Pennsylvania, USA.  

The Grey Wolf arrives in Tennessee

Arkonik's custom-built matte grey D-90 is delivered to its new owner in Tennessee, USA. 

The Ultimate Urban Defender touches down in Hawaii

Arkonik's Ultimate Urban Defender arrives beachside in Hawaii. 

American NFL player becomes a new Defender owner

Matthew Shaughnessy, Arizona Cardinal linebacker finally receives his new Bonatti Grey Defender 110 stateside. 

3 Defenders | 3 Happy Clients

3 custom-built Arkonik Defender 110's arrive in Oklahoma, USA. 

"It truly feels like a brand-new 1987 vehicle"

The custom Luxor Beige Defender 110 arrives in Colorado, USA.

Meet Eva

Our first UK Pioneer reflects on his positive customisation experience with Arkonik. 

Tomahawk touches down in St. Petersburg, Florida

Arkonik's custom Olive Drab Tomahawk Defender 110 is delivered to its new owner in Florida, USA. 

"I love my D-90!"

The well-loved Hawk D-90 arrives in Washington State, USA. 

"Man, it's a great big tank!"

The custom-built Axel Defender 110 arrives in Oregon, USA.

"Arkonik exceeded our expectations"

It is always a wonderful experience when Arkonik customers visit our facility to physically see their dream vehicle enter the production line.

The Chasin Defender arrives in New York

David Lipetz, Arkonik Pioneer receives his custom matte black Defender 110 in New York. 

Another Arkonik Defender arrives in Canada!

Arkonik's Canadian based Pioneer, Clint Ellis is delivered his new custom matte black Defender 110. 

"My Defender looks great inside and out"

Arkonik's Yachting Corbin Defender 110 is delivered to its new owner in Maryland, USA. 

Connecticut: Fresh out of the container!

The British Are Coming! Fresh out of the container - thanks Arkonik and Andy Hayes!

Another Happy Arkonik Customer

Another happy Arkonik customer who has recently received his Defender 110 stateside. 

"A company that goes above and beyond"

Ray Care, Arkonik Pioneer and friend shares his experience with Arkonik.

A Volunteer and a Partner for Life

Volunteer West Africa based near Accra in Ghana is a unique charity. Arlonik and VWA are closely connected - in friendships, ambitions, ethics, and their passion for Defender! Read what CEO Matt ha ...

"Committed to the transformation and preservation of classic Defenders"

One of our customer's who currently has his vehicle in production, kindly shares his experience with Arkonik thus far...

"The Arkonik team have been nothing but exceptional"

Review the latest feedback which we received from one of our customer's whose vehicle is currently in production. 

Great Defenders, Great Guys!

One of our NY based customers offers his feedback after receiving his dream Defender 110. 

Arkonik Defender reviews

See what Arkonik's customers are saying about their new Defenders! 

Arkonik Defender reviews

See what Arkonik's customers are saying about their new Defenders!