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The Arkonik Difference

The Arkonik Difference

Each Arkonik Defender is restored with dedication, precision and sensitivity. Here we share an insight into the passion and labour involved to create the best Land Rover Defenders in the world.


INDY, short for Indefatigable, is the result of another tireless restoration by the acclaimed Arkonik team. Named after HMS Indefatigable, the famous Royal Navy gunships dating back as early as the 18th century. 

APEX by Arkonik: The pinnacle of a design icon

Paying homage to the two-millionth Defender produced by Land Rover built to mark the pinnacle of the brand.

Autobiography – Defender 90 Soft-top

Introducing Autobiography by Arkonik; a bespoke Defender 90 Soft-top in Bonatti Grey on a mini tour of Dorset, UK.

Sunseeker: Defender 90 Soft-top

Introducing Sunseeker by Arkonik; a striking Defender 90 Soft-top in Beluga Yellow cruising along the British coastline.

Staying out for the Summer: Starring MIDAS & MERCURY D110s

Shot on location near Arkonik HQ these Defender 110's enjoy the British Summer before being shipped to Canada and the USA.

EVEREST by Arkonik

Presenting EVEREST by Arkonik, special vehicle 4 of 7 in the Arkonik Seven Summit Series.

EVEREST & SENTINEL - Client Handovers

Arkonik recently had the pleasure of a visit from two clients for vehicle handovers; Michael & Carol from Arizona and Carlton from Montana. Here's the best bits of their visit.

Arkonik Cinematic: FREEDOM

We took RONIN for an adventure at Cheddar Gorge, Somerset.

Soft Top Instructional Video

How to fit and remove your Arkonik Defender's soft top kit.

Big or small? | D110 or D90

LRUK Presents: USA Bad Boys

Land Rovers UK Present: HAWK

Defender Badassary

The Grey Wolf

Frozen White Defender 110

Arkonik | SKYLARK

Arkonik | KODIAK

Reformer Defenders

Arkonik Interviews Pat Ward | Ex Head of Sales & Customer Service for JLR North America

Arkonik presents a short interview with Pat Ward, Ex Head of Sales & Customer Service for Jaguar Land Rover North America. 

"You have a group of passionate people that firmly believe in what you guys are doing. When you have passionate people that love what they do, think of the product that they create." 

 We are excellence. We are Arkonik.

Tribute: 67 Years of Defender

Check out this amazing tribute to 67 years of Defender | Credit to Bearded Lady Media:

The Customisation Experience - BAJA BEAST

Arkonik's Latest Rescue

ARKON X2 | Preview

This sublime machine is the second in the ARKON X series, and is built to the team's choices and selections. The ARKON X2 is stunning, and could be yours to schedule for delivery today.

Luxor Beige Defender 110

The Beast Arrives in America

The Kali Black Edition

ARKON X2 by Arkonik

This sublime machine is the second in the ARKON X series, and is built to the team's choices and selections. ARKON X2 features Poppy Black metallic flip paint, a one-off custom-engraved 15" steering wheel and black Alcantara headling. The ARKON X2 is lowered by 1 inch, giving it a sleek, dropped figure.

Its Puma bonnet and billet alloy Optimill wingtop vents create a wonderfully detailed front face, complementing the impressive angles of the rest of the machine. Inside, red-stitched red Alcantara and black leather seats complement the red LED floor lighting. 

The ARKON X2 is stunning, and could be yours to schedule for delivery today.

BBC Top Gear's thoughts on the Land Rover Defender

Arkonik | Buckskull


Celebrating our 100th exported Defender to the US & Canada, Arkonik proudly presents CENTURION by Arkonik. #ArkonikCenturion We are excellence. We are Arkonik.

A Taste of Defender

THE CLASSIC Custom Defender 110

Join the Arkonik Defender Club!

Europe Defender Rescue Trip

Arkonik France Landelles Land Rover Defender Meet

Arkonik Defender Beach Style

Defender 90 - I can give you what you want

Do Summer Defender Style

LRUK presents: The Matte Black Dream Machine

Land Rovers UK Presents: THE BEAST

Road Testing: V8 Gasoline vs. 2.5 Turbo Diesel

LRUK Timelapse

LRUK Hawk Design Competition

Baby Blue Steel Hawklapse | LRUK