Our Build Process

From source to delivery, we take care of everything

1. Search

Over the past 10 years Arkonik have purchased over 2,000 Land Rover Defenders. 

Our Team scours Europe to locate the finest new or used machines which are best suited to our customising process and our clients’ specification. 

After an extensive appraisal has been carried out, nothing but tip-top, mechanically sound and clearly titled Land Rovers are approved for purchase by the Team. Some of the most important areas of a Defender that we inspect are the vehicles hidden identification markings, its documentation, and its structural integrity.

2. Rescue

The Defenders we choose to purchase have often been resting quietly in private ownership and are a joy for us to buy. It is wonderful to know that there are still more out there, sitting and waiting for us to come to their rescue and give them the Arkonik treatment which is a brand new look for an appreciative new owner.

3. Arrival

Once rescued, the Defenders are brought back to our Somerset Factory, assessed, and placed into dry storage, where they patiently await their turn to enter our programme of works.

4. Workshop

The Workshop Team then strips the donor Defender to its bare chassis, sand blasts it to identify areas in need of repair, and then begins all the necessary framework restoration. A huge amount of mechanical work is then undertaken on the vehicle, after which a hand built reconditioned engine is placed into the heart of the Defender. Be it a V8 or 2.5TDi, the Team always enjoys standing by to hear it roar into life again for the first time. It’s then time to build the Defender back up again with new or reconditioned  parts including; transmission, electrical loom with waterproof connectors, hydraulic circuits, suspension, axle internals, exhaust, prop shafts, final drive, steering and brakes. 

5. Panel Shop

The Panel Shop Team at Arkonik ensures that all vehicles are well prepared for our incomparable paint application. The Team expertly strips all paint from the aluminium body, removes old bolts and old body parts, all panels (old and new) are smoothed, coated and adjusted prior to the first primer coats of paint being applied.  Following final detailed panel alignment it heads round the corner to the spray booth.

6. Paint Shop

Customers are offered an extensive array of paint colours and finishes to choose from. Before the chosen colour is applied, our team of expert sprayers coats the vehicle with 5 coats of primer and one coat of Etch Primer. The vehicle is then masked up and finished with a direct gloss or matte paint finish. From Matte Black to Rosso Fuoco Red, virtually any color our clients desire can be created with any number of interesting effects incorporated including; mica, pearl and metallic additives.  Just like Land Rover we prepare and paint each individual panel in separate order, roof, doors, fenders, hood, side panels etc are all individually treated meaning that when the vehicle is reassembled there is a truly perfect factory finish.

7. Trim Shop

Trim Shop is where the customisation process really starts to take shape. Vehicles are installed with custom parts, bespoke interior trim, and a range of accessories. The vehicles panels and doors, all separated by brand new seals, are reassembled, followed by the laying of acoustic insulation in the tub, footwells, and roof lining. The cosmetic reconstruction of each custom vehicle sees new carpet, windows, electrics, tyres and rims fitted to the Defender. The interior panels, roof lining, instrument gauges, door hardware and dashboard refurbishment are unique to each vehicle and installed over an intensive 4-week period. Clients get pretty excited for shots of their ongoing build in progress, and we make sure we deliver.

8. Quality Control

Maintaining an extremely high level of quality during each stage of the customisation process is paramount and overseen by the QC Department. All Arkonik Defenders must pass water tests for weatherproofing, VOSA MOT certification, and an independent roadworthiness examination. Every part is rigorously inspected by our highly skilled QC Team. All of our vehicles are then test driven at least 200 miles before shipment. Simply put, any Defender built here does not leave until it is deemed 100% safe, 100% reliable, and 100% to our standards.

9. Completion

Once completed, each Defender is taken to a unique location and photographed. England offers a wide range of picturesque landscapes to choose from – it is Land Rover country, after all! 

10. Shipping

Our custom Land Rover Defenders are picked up from HQ, taken to Southampton Docks, and journey across the world to their new owners. Arkonik organises and manages the entire export process on behalf of its clients to ensure that the process remains stress-free. 

11. Delivery

After having passed all import and customs regulations checks, many clients take the opportunity to greet their new Land Rover Defender at the docks. This is a magical day for many: the chance to drive their dream Defender for the first time. Whilst we offer a secure 6-month warranty, Arkonik offers a lifelong 24/7 post-purchase support service for all clients. We stop at nothing to ensure the safety and happiness of our friends.