A Message From our CEO: COVID-19

A Message From our CEO: COVID-19

“Arkonik has been forged through the burning determination of wilful and effective men and women. We started 12 years ago with next to nothing. We are used to working with ever changing supply and interruptions, we are used to recycling and re-engineering, it’s the nature of our business model, it’s what we’re forced and equipped to do and it’s what our staff are used to doing. Not only are we highly efficient at coping with change, we are singularly led to do so.

We have sufficient stock of everything that we need to keep going for many, many months and what we cannot buy we largely have the capability to manufacture ourselves. Also, because we do not squander, and are “savers” at heart, we have sufficient cash within our business and our savings to keep us going for a very long time. We are rich in resource and we are rich in determination. We are also rich in compassion for others who may be struggling at the moment, we are contributing to local and wider communities in our bid to support those less fortunate than ourselves.

We are here today and we shall be here tomorrow.
We are Arkonik. We are Excellence.”

Andy Hayes | Arkonik Founder & CEO