Most incredible experience with Arkonik from start to finish.

They were extremely adaptable in hearing our needs for our Series III. We run a wedding car business, Dorset Defender, and need our cars to be running perfectly all year around. Therefore, we decided to transform our Series III with a new 200 TDI engine.

Arkonik went above and beyond with not only providing their advice and adapting to our needs but with the finish being spectacular. We even enjoyed a fantastic in-depth tour of their factory upon collection and met the team behind our build. The transformation has been fantastic and she drives like a completely new car, now going up hills in 4th gear like a dream. We never thought an engine bay could look so beautiful. We are forever grateful and will be back!

Mrs V. Reed | Dorset | UK

Do epic sh*t

My Arkonik Defender has become my favorite car of all time. I had been researching well built Defenders for a long time. I did my diligence and identified Arkonik as the one I wanted to get. So when the opportunity arose to get my hands on this beauty, I acted quickly. I had high expectations; as President & CEO of Gibson, I cherish craftsmanship and when I received my Arkonik it exceeded my expectations. Your team has thought of everything and the attention to detail is amazing.

I’m grateful and privileged to be able to own and enjoy this kind of premium built Defender. I love it. It’s EPIC. I always tell my team to ‘Do Epic Sh*t’ every day, and you clearly follow that mantra.

Mr C. Gueikian | Nashville | USA

Arkonik team is wonderful!

We have owned an Arkonik D110 since 2015. It’s a wonderful rig; we love using it and receive questions, comments and complements wherever we go.

From the initial configuration and build, through delivery and an after-delivery service visit, the Arkonik team has been exemplary. Even today, I received an immediate response to a question about our vehicle and wanted everyone to know what a great outfit they are.

Mr J. Menashe | Oregon | USA

Annual Pioneer service

Kane visited today for my yearly Pioneer Warranty Service. He went through the truck with a fine toothcomb. He has a fabulous personality, and while servicing the Defender, he went through every step with me. It was a very complete and thorough undertaking by an exceptionally qualified person. It was a pleasure to spend the day with him. Well done, Arkonik!

Mr K. Sparkes | Newfoundland, Canada

Elated owner

The excitement of waiting for my Arkonik was totally enhanced by the hand off experience. Words can not describe how the whole team was part of the experience and made me feel in more ways then one that they have my back and will attend to anything now and in the future. I`m so excited!

Mr P. Novak | Florida, USA

Thank you to all the Arkonik team!

Thank you to all the Arkonik team! I want to personally thank the hundreds of hands that it took to create my new Defender 90.
Great work! Wishing the entire team at Arkonik a very happy Easter.

Mr D. Stewart | Florida, USA

Arkonik is the best!

Had a great delivery experience with Arkonik. The vehicle was even better than I imagined and Kane from Arkonik was great. He went over the entire car with me and was a joy. Can’t say enough about Kane and Arkonik.

Mr J. Wheeler | Montana, USA

Arkonik makes and delivers…

Arkonik makes and delivers automotive dreams. Years later and a continent apart, their customer service and warranty department still treat me as their only customer. That’s the stuff dreams are made of.

Mr R. Walji | Ontario, Canada

Since 2015, always awesome!

I have been working with these guys since 2015. Their level of customer service is impressive. Having to provide service to customers for classic Land Rovers is a monumental task. I’m so glad I chose Arkonik to partner with. There will always be issues with a a 30+ year old off-load vehicle (add extra headaches because it’s a Land Rover). But it’s an adventure that is 100% worth the effort!

If you are in the market for a classic Defender, do yourself a big favor and go with Arkonik and their awesome network of support.

Mr S. Lyttleton | Texas, USA

Expert knowledge

Completely attentive, knowledgeable, professional, quick and thorough. Overall, an exceptional service.

Mr J. Wepler | Kentucky, USA

The defender I got from Arkonik is the…

The defender I got from Arkonik is the nicest car I’ve ever seen. From start to finish every detail was handled impeccably. We built a car that will last for decades and it was truly a pleasure to deal with Oli, Scott, Sam, Penny, and the rest of the Arkonik team. Thank you guys!

Mr S. Diamond | New York, USA

I had a truly amazing experience with…

I had an amazing experience with the Arkoink team and am so happy with my Defender. The Arkonik team carefully walked me through each step, and I was treated with the utmost respect throughout the process. The level of care and passion for Land Rovers is evident. From day one, when I inquired about the build process to when my Defender was delivered, I knew the Arkonik team wanted only the best for me. I am very happy with my Defender and can’t wait to start the next with Arkonik!

Mr M. Lents | Washington, USA

Absolutely Awesome

What can I say about my experience other than awesome…everyone on the Arkonik team start to finish was warm, welcoming and attentive. They answered any questions walked you through the entire vehicle and were willing to spend as much time needed for you to feel comfortable with your new vehicle…I loved them all…totally awesome people.

Mr A. Zyller | Florida, USA

We have been through some ups and downs…

We have been through some ups and downs in our voyage to get a rebuilt 1990 Defender to me in the USA but I have to say I could not be happier with 1) the quality of the product, 2) the outstanding support of Oli & co in somerset and 3) the outstanding maintenance support of J Whites in Bellingham, MA. I absolutely love my beautiful, quirky, characterful 110 Land Rover. Wherever I go, people smile at the truck and stop to talk about it. Arkonik is most definitely the way to go.

Mr N. Dunn | Boston, USA

I dream with my eyes wide open!

I still can’t believe that I own a DEFENDER by ARKONIK. It is the best of both worlds between the pleasure of a classic car with a huge history and the performance of a modern car, all orchestrated by a magician: ARKONIK. A unique and impressive vehicle that gives a maximum of emotions every time I turn the key, thanks to a fantastic and attentive team.

Mr W. Limonier | London, UK

Outstanding Build Quality and Legendary Service

Having watched their portfolio of past work grow over the years, it was an easy decision for us to choose Arkonik to build our Defender. With Arkonik, we got a level of service and attention to detail that exceeded our expectations, not to mention an absolutely fantastic Defender to enjoy!

Five thousand miles later and the exemplary service that Arkonik provide continues to be second to none.

Mr D. Wilson | Kent, UK

Colorado Defender

We appreciate all of the detailed information, updating and overall coordination to bring our Dream Defender to its home in Colorado. The experience and quality of the finished product were incredible. The attention to detail is next to none, and the ongoing follow-up is a reassuring component of owning a retrofitted Defender.

Mr M. McPherson | Colorado, USA

Highly recommend Arkonik

My experience with Arkonik has been outstanding! I purchased a completed Defender 110 in January 2022. At the time I wanted to add some accessories to the vehicle, which was easily accommodated by Arkonik. They have been very professional and easy to communicate both with the US and UK teams. This is a company that is not only passionate about their vehicles but also very professional with their approach. I have been driving my Defender for the past month and I could not be happier!! The vehicle is immaculate, runs outstanding and is just a pure joy. Love my experience and love my Defender. Would highly recommend Andy and the team.

Mr J. Flack | Nashville, USA

Arkonik manufactures a phenomenal…

Arkonik manufacturers a phenomenal vehicle that turns your dream defender into reality. Their customer service and communication is fantastic. It’s been a pleasure working with Arkonik and driving the fantastic vehicle they produce.

Mr A. Bassoul | Chicago, USA

Arkonik Defender 90 Bliss

I recently purchased a 1990 Arkonik Defender 90 from its original owner. The rebuild dates from 2016 and the owner had put just 1600 miles on it. Simply put, the craftsmanship is extraordinary, the truck drives better than I remember these things driving when they originally were sold in the USA. When I informed Arkonik, they sent me user guides, maintenance books and other materials all of which are beautifully illustrated and well thought out. This is an EXTRAORDINARY company.

Mr M. Keats | New York, USA

World-class. Arkonik delivers beyond expectations!

What an incredible experience! From the moment I received the custom Arkonik box with paint chips and interior leather samples to delivery, I was blown away.

The entire team was world-class. The care and attention to detail was evident every step of the way. Thomas helped start the process, Toby tirelessly worked with me to dial in my custom specs, Sam sent updated “baby pictures” through the customer portal, and Ron walked me through the test drive.

My schedule permitted me to visit the South Carolina custom shop, and that was a real treat. I was able to see up close many of the killer builds, I have been obsessing over for years. I was able to talk to and meet a large portion of the US team that worked on my vehicle.

And the cherry on top was I met the owner, Andy while I was there. The funny thing was, I was so high on seeing my car for the first time, it didn’t register that he was the owner at first.

As a guy who leads up the most badass Defender restoration team in the world, I would have expected him to be a big shot or not take the time to introduce himself to me. However, Andy was quite the opposite. Such a cool, humble guy - that really cares about his customers and the entire Arkonik experience. Meeting Andy and the team, it is clear to see why Arkonik is the marketplace leader in custom Defender restoration.

Arkonik delivered in every way and exceeded my expectations! I am glad I decided to do it right, and go with Arkonik.

Mr M. Anderson | California, USA

Customized Defender 90 by Arkonik

I am the new owner of a customized Defender 90 by Arkonik! Throughout the process, I found every member of the team friendly and professional. Their attention to detail and emphasis on customer service is unparalleled! I recently joined the Pioneer program, a no-brainer considering my experience from the design, build, delivery, and hand-over process – NEXT LEVEL. Arkonik is truly the GOAT!

Mr P. Ronan | Illinois, USA

Arkonik a cut above the rest

I have had my 110 now for a few months and absolutely love it! Still can’t believe that it is mine. The entire experience has been amazing from design to delivery. I highly recommend going to Charleston and meeting the team to pick yours up. Arkonik is truly a cut above the rest.

Mr G. Ortman | Connecticut, USA

The visit was worth it

We came over from the States to see the UK and to also visit the office and shop of Arkonik. We are buying a restored Land-rover from them and while we have heard good things and our conversations are wonderful, seeing the operation, the people working and the quality they put in was invaluable. This really gave my wife and I comfort. If you are in England, I strongly recommend a visit.

Mr B. Levine | Montana, USA

Great product!

I have purchased 4 trucks over the years:
2x 110’s, 1x 110 pickup and 1x 90. My current car with a LS3 V8 motor. Wow. Wonderful customization options inside and out. I spoiled myself with auto windows and auto transmission (but it cleverly looks like a stick shift).

Mr K. Seth | Connecticut, USA

Arkonik = Greatness!

After searching various ads/companies in the UK that knew Defenders, I stumbled upon Arkonik and made the best decision. I’ve owned mine now for almost 10 years, and enjoyed every aspect of it. The team at Arkonik are, even now very reachable and knowledgeable and willing to offer solutions to any questions I may have. I am now fortunate enough to clear and deliver each one into Canada and look forward to see the consistent quality that goes into their builds. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a unique and quality vehicle.

Mr C. Ellis | California, USA

I recently have joined the pioneer club…

I recently have joined the pioneer club and Oliver Harrington has been basically my concierge with regards to every thing about my Arkonik 110. He has made my experience with owning an Arkonik vehicle amazing. He has the highest level of service and is a wonderful person to work with. Not only is the vehicle perfection, the customer service that comes along with it is second to none. Mahalo Oli and Arkonik

Mr J. Hannon | Hawaii, USA

My 1992 D110 200Tdi

I’ve owned my beautifully restored Defender for 2.5 yrs and it still feels like yesterday that I took delivery. The 18 month build blew by in no time at all. The factory visit was a must for me, and the quality of workmanship and pride taken by the employees was immediately evident. Since handover, the Arkonik Support team have been there every step of the way, whether it’s just to answer some questions or helping with service. This truck continually turns heads with its beautiful detail.

Mr K. Sparkes | California, USA

What a machine!

I recently took delivery of my 110. It was originally restored by Arkonik a few years ago and recently upgraded with an LS3, suspension, brakes, electrical and so on. It’s essentially a brand new truck. And it’s amazing!! That sound!! The build and finish quality is second to none - I’m very happy. I will be using my truck a lot, which seems relatively unusual, including off-road camping adventures here in Canada. I am extremely happy in my dealings with Grant Spicer, he goes above and beyond when others are not able to help so much, and still does that after delivery. Oli is also very helpful. I was also lucky enough to have Levi come to visit me for a handover and some electrical work.

I can’t speak highly enough of Levi’s attitude and professionalism. Overall, one very happy customer and I would not hesitate to recommend Arkonik.

Mr Fuller | Whistler, BC

I love this company

I had the opportunity to pick up and drive 2600 miles home in one of these awesome machines. I flew into Charleston SC and met with Ron who is the manager of the dealership. What a great guy, he took the time to go through everything thing with me. He was great! He even gave me the Arkonik sweater he had on. (They were in the process of moving shops when I was there so that was the only one on hand. I was happy to have one.)
The drive back to SLC was a dream. Needless to say, I fell in love with this car. All the looks and waves from passers-by was soo cool, I felt like a celebrity in this beast! That LS3 engine is no joke, the amazing rumble it makes was music to my ears.

The craftsmanship and attention to detail was on another level.
I was able to speak to Oli Harrington as well. He’s the sales guy that made all this possible. Super cool guy, very responsive and always on the ball. He gets thing done quickly and in a timely manner. Communication is key, especially while communicating in two different countries. Thanks for all you guys do! Cheers!

Mr Thurston | Utah, USA

Arkonik cares about You and Your Defender

I have had my beautifully restored Arkonik Defender 110 for nearly 3 years and, using it as my daily driver around town, have driven it about 10,000 miles. I cannot say enough good things about Arkonik. Their customer service is spectacular. Look, if you are going to have a 30 year old vehicle restored, especially a Land Rover, expect some issues. With Arkonik, when I needed a repair or a replacement part or just some advice/reassurance, they have always responded promptly and ALWAYS made sure any problem was resolved to MY complete satisfaction. They have gone above and beyond for me.

You are not just purchasing a gorgeous vehicle that will put a smile on your face every time you drive it, you are purchasing peace of mind that you and your Defender will be well cared for by Arkonik. And you know what they say, peace of mind is priceless.

R. Equi | California, USA

High quality rebuild of my UK-based D110

I bought a D110 in the UK in 2010 and it became part of the family. When a local mechanic told me it was time to retire or rebuild it, I had a tough choice to make. After significant research, I chose Arkonik to take on the job - the best decision I could have made. They took the time to walk me through every step of the process (I am not mechanically minded), explaining choices and trade offs. The result has been outstanding. Our Defender is still recognisable, but everything is better: the basics, the upgrades (especially the outstanding LS3 engine) and the new features. We now can’t wait to start its next decade of adventures. I would highly recommend Arkonik.

There are many individuals there who have made my journey enjoyable, but what has been particularly impressive has been the consistency of quality of service that I have had at each step, a credit to a culture that is clearly focussed on delivering excellence.

W. Stokhuyzen | London, UK

I’ve had the privilege of…

I’ve had the privilege of working with Arkonik for 5 years now. I built a D110 with the help of the team and recently have added the LS3 Vette engine. The communication and hard work that Arkonik puts into every aspect of the relationship and the defender is incredible. Choosing Arkonik was the best decision I made.

D. Freese | Texas, USA

Without a doubt…

Without a doubt, working with Arkonik was the best decision we ever made. Each and every employee treated us like family. The process was seamless and we would do it all over again. Hands down… THE BEST!!! 10/10!!!

G. Flanagan | Kentucky, USA

During my experience with Arkonik, I gained a friend

My experience with Arkonik was different than most. I inherited the contract/construction of the Defender 110 from my late husband. At first, it was an interesting process, and the people at Arkonik were very helpful.

As the process continued, it became very frustrating due to the panic and restrictions around the pandemic. It slowed and ultimately halted production. But, one person in particular became my point of contact and my friend during the long process. His name is Oliver Harrington. Because Oli showed a true caring nature, he went above and beyond his “call of duty” as a customer contact.

The vehicle arrived well built and as ordered. My son was particularly excited about receiving it as he and his dad were to use it on off-road trips in Colorado. Oli contacted us on a Zoom call to review the particulars of the vehicle. He was very helpful and put us at ease with the Defender.

I’ll forever be grateful to Oli for guiding me through the build, transport, and delivery process, and for staying in contact with me each step of the way. Thank you, Oli! You’re a valuable asset to Arkonik and a real friend!

R. Smith | Colorado, USA

I love this beast!

I took delivery of my 1990 Arkonik LS3 D110 here in Houston, TX in December, 2021. I love this beast! Driving it has been an amazing experience. Dan and the entire SVO team were fantastic throughout the entire process. Responsive, knowledgeable, and genuinely passionate about their product. As questions arise, the SVO and UK based teams are prompt to reply and eager to ensure customer satisfaction. This car is my daily driver, but I expect it to see a fair amount of adventures throughout it’s life, and I’m excited for the family heirloom it will become. I’m planning to take delivery of another Arkonik D110 in 2022, and can’t wait.

N. Will | Texas, USA

My Arkonik 1991 LS3 D110

I took delivery of my Arkonik 1991 LS3 D110 in a near record snow storm in Park City, Utah. After 6 hours of test driving it on snow and ice, words cannot describe how thrilled I am with my vehicle. An Arkonik representative flew out for the hand over, and was beyond patient and helpful as we drove everywhere available to allow me time to learn some things in pretty challenging conditions. What an incredible experience. What an incredible vehicle!

C. Drage | Utah, USA

Scarp | Arkonik | Iconic

I’m the first UK customer to be the proud owner of a RHD Arkonik 90. Just the most amazing experience from start to finish from the inception to the reality…owning and driving an incredibly special and unique automobile!

Mrs K Needler | Yorkshire, UK

Arkonik Defender 90 Delivery

I took delivery of my Arkonik Defender 90 on November 19th this year, 17 months after initiating the process. It was worth the wait. I was very impressed with the final product and most of all the attention to detail. The D90 was perfect in every sense when it was delivered. I spent a lot of time on the spec with the team at Arkonik and they produced exactly what I was looking for. I look forward to rolling on the miles.

R. Keilty | California, USA

Exceptional Customer Service

I recently acquired a pre-owned Arkonik vehicle; an early build from 2014 when they were known as Land Rovers UK. Prior to the purchase, I had a number of exchanges with Oli and Scott including a conference call. Our discussions informed my decision as they were able to confirm the build and answer all of my questions. The original owner had lost his paperwork and Oli was able to run down build notes, MOT documentation, UK registration info, and a copy of the Land Rover Heritage certificate. It has been such a pleasure to work with him - prompt, polite, caring, and knowledgeable; all this for a second-hand owner.

I look forward to many years of Arkonik ownership and know that any future interactions I have with Oli or any other members of the Arkonik team will be like chatting with an old friend.

E. Matsuura | USA

Arkonik is the premier bespoke Defender company

My experience with Arkonik couldn’t have been a more delightful one. Everyone in their organization went above and beyond to satisfy the needs of our Defender build. The outcome of our Land Rover was beyond expectation. I can’t recommend Arkonik enough.

C. Flanagan | Kentucky, USA

I spotted an Arkonik at a car show in Sun Valley

I spotted an Arkonik at a car show in Sun Valley a few years ago and fell in love with their trucks. I then decided to purchase a second-hand Arkonik named ‘Vader’. I’ve enjoyed every minute of owning it! I upgraded to the LS package they offer in South Carolina and now I am going to build my own with my company colors! Thank you to Oli and everyone at Arkonik for the exceptional work you guys do - can’t wait to build my own.

M. Bruun | Oregon, USA

Proud to own an Arkonik

I grew up spending years with my old man under a 1985 D110 V8 which was the pride of his life. Had the great fortune of picking up an Arkonik vehicle of exactly the same spec (2018 rebuild) from another owner over here in the US. Had the vehicle now for a few months and put some good miles on it already - it is an absolute joy and an amazing piece of craftsmanship. The rebuild is meticulous and the quality of the work is impeccable. The first weekend that I had it, I spent hours giving it a once over, looking into every nook and cranny, stripping off covers etc. and the attention to detail is staggering.

Even before I owned the vehicle Tom was very open and generous with his time in confirming the vehicles’ specification and giving me the assurance I was buying the genuine article. Since then I have been making some tweaks to make the vehicle my own and their support and advice in doing so has been super helpful and Tom has been a pleasure to deal with.

These guys really know their Land Rovers and they know how to take care of customers. Like anything, you get what you pay for and if you are serious about owning one of these beauties do yourself a favor and go Arkonik.

I very rarely take the time to write reviews of any sort but proud to offer my two cents here. Now working on how to convince my wife to let me put a D90 in the stable as well!

Mr T.Hardy | Massachusetts, USA

Arkonik was, once again amazing throughout…

Both vehicles were collected from our home and when ready, we flew to Charleston and test drove them on their tracks, before both 110 and 130 were shipped out to us in Montana. It’s like having two new vehicles again, and this time around both with the ultimate power.

With two of their vehicles and our recent upgrades at their US facility, we are clearly big fans of Arkonik and I cannot say enough good things about these guys and the way they operate. Tom and his team in the UK have been amazing and especially so throughout the challenging times we’ve all been living through globally. They have specialists in all areas of the build and their online customer portal is great, where we got to see the build taking place throughout all of the various stages. This is top UK quality. Likewise at the Charleston facility. We could not be happier.

Mark & Jenny | Montana, USA

Extremely Happy

If you have not had an opportunity to physically see or experience an Arkonik Defender prior to purchase, know that no matter how much you’ve built this product up in your mind, the real thing is still better.

After receiving my Arkonik D110, I could not get over the quality of this build. Over the next few days, I continued to comb through the entire vehicle with disbelief. It was technically perfect, as was its beauty. I am an extremely happy customer.

Tom has been great, rapidly providing detailed responses to my questions - however trivial they have been! Their service and support has been top-notch to date and I certainly don’t feel like they are an entire continent away.

1100 miles now, the break-in period mostly over, and the truck is running great. Extremely happy with the purchase. Now dreaming of a D90…

Mr R.Walji | Ontario, Canada

Amazing delivery experience, amazing vehicle

My wife and I recently had the honor of being the first customer delivery from Arkonik’s new SVO facility in Charleston. Until this point, I had not made it to Arkonik in the UK (due to COVID) or even met any Arkonik personnel in person, so I really didn’t know what to expect. The delivery experience was awesome. I have had the good fortune of taking delivery of other exotic vehicles, but this experience was over the top. After being picked up at the CHS airport and shuttled to the facility, we rounded the corner from the entrance lobby to lay eyes on our gleaming new D110. I had high expectations, but the reality beat those expectations.

From there, nearly every detail of the features and operation of the Defender were pointed out or demonstrated (all while enjoying coffee and snacks). We then went for a test drive with the Arkonik delivery technician, a fuel fill-up, and a return to Arkonik SVO for a lovely lunch. We closed off by having the Pioneer Apple CarPlay unit connected to our devices, signing our paper work, and getting photographs with team. Arkonik offered to ship our vehicle to the house, but we opted to drive it home. Overall, an unforgettable experience and a great way to start life with the D110, which continues to exceed expectations. Before we left, we were ‘warned’ that we need to build a few extra minutes into our itinerary to answer questions everywhere we stop - it’s true. This is an incredibly unique and capable truck.

Mr J.Contardi | Georgia, USA

They clearly stand out as the premium restoration company

I am in the process of purchasing an Arkonik 110 from the first owner who ordered it new from Arkonik. I take delivery in about two weeks. I was familiar with Arkonik based on my online research on best Defender 110 restoration companies. They clearly stand out as the premium restoration companies in this space. The support I’ve received from Oli at Arkonik has been top-notch. I asked if he could send me the original build sheet, info on the donor vehicle plus photos of the trucks’ build as it went through its refurbishment. Within 24 hours I had the trucks’ original build name, pics and D.O.B. certified from Land Rover. Can’t tell you how pleased I am with their service already.

I’m excited to become part of the Arkonik family and look forward to many adventures with my Defender and my Lab!

S. Freeman | Kansas, USA

When only the best is good enough

I first met Andy Hayes at the 2017 Goodwood Revival where he was displaying a few of his Land Rovers. Goodwood Revival is in my mind the ultimate event for all things British and automotive. All the big names were there but when I entered Arkonik’s display I was absolutely “gob-smacked”!!! I am a serious Land Rover collector and restorer and have an appreciation for detail and originality. Arkonik ticked boxes that I never even had before. Andy and I have continued to stay in touch and I still admire what they do and happy to see other’s do particularly in North America. Success hasn’t diminished their passion for perfection.

If you want the best Defender there is nowhere else to go in my mind.

S. Longair | Vancouver, Canada

Well worth the wait!

This is our third Defender in 20 years but our first Arkonik. Hands down, the craftsmanship and attention to detail is second to none. Arkonik builds are one of a kind and truly a work of art. We’re looking forward to years of fun on and off the roads.

Mr B.Ward | Western NC

Surpassed my expectations

To all that are interested in one of these truly iconic vehicles… The Gents at Arkonik deliver the goods far surpassing my expectations. I just received my Defender 110 this week and am looking forward to the many adventures that await.

Mr S. Ciccodemarco | Ontario, Canada

One year later…

One year later…I still cannot say enough good things about Arkonik. I have had my bespoke D110 (look it up on their website, it is the Clone D110) for nearly a year now and Arkonik continues to impress me with the kind of customer support and service that is nothing short of spectacular.

They have been incredibly responsive to any inquiry I have had about my vehicle. When I needed a spare part or assistance with any problem, no matter how minor, the response has always been lightening fast. I have literally received replacement parts from them all the way from England within 48 hours of requesting support. For example, the bonnet latch mechanism failed (common in Defenders). I kid you not, I let them know about it and within 2 days I had received from them a replacement upgrade and they paid for the install! This was AFTER the warranty time period of 6 months.

They were able to help me get my Diesel-powered D110 legally registered and titled in California and they even made themselves available by phone to the DMV and VIN inspectors with any questions or concerns. If you are a vintage Land Rover enthusiast, you’d be insane not to consider Arkonik for your dream Defender.

Mr R. Equi | California, USA

Arkonik, a back country must have!

I was introduced to Arkonik by an Arkonik owner, friend, co-worker and Englishman Steve Freeman. I was very close to a build with E.C.D. (East Coast Defenders) until Steve encouraged me to reach out directly to Tom at HQ.

I wanted the vehicle to retain its value while I owned it: therefore, I was very impressed with the passion for original restoration at Arkonik complemented by understated modifications. My family very much enjoys the outdoors, and this Defender will be tested in its abilities in the Wyoming back-country.

The Teton Edition Defender will live at our home in Jackson, Wyoming right under the Teton mountain range. Every thought that went into the design was meant to combat the harsh weather and road and trail conditions in Jackson Hole. The heated windshield, heated seats, dual batteries, black leather interior, and black hood and roof surfaces will help battle the negative 30 Fahrenheit temperatures while skies are blue. The amber spotlights and quad fog lights will assist with the poor visibility navigating the 500+ inches of annual snowfall. The Raptor painted surfaces all around are a must to protect the metal from chips and rust. The dual fuel tanks are necessary to ramble around Grand Teton National Park’s 310,000 acres, Yellowstone National Park’s 2.2 million acres, and the Bridger - Teton National Forest’s 3.4 million acres! The roof rack will be needed for additional fuel and vehicle recovery gear.

We removed the center rear seat so our snow skis could slide inside the Defender, but we retained the 3rd row jump seats for a comfortable forward facing ride on the rough terrain. The fuel injection is necessary for the extreme altitude and the heavy duty radiator is needed for summer trips south into Utah and Arizona.

Arkonik was patient and thoughtful while guiding me through this build process. I imagine that the Defender will stay in the family for many generations to enjoy. It is the ultimate tool to conquer the Wyoming back-country!

Mr W. Willis | Wyoming, USA

Responsive and supportive

Last year, Arkonik built for me the Forager Model - a 1989 D110 with a fuel-injected V8. Arkonik is top-notch in their design and execution. I had done extensive research on a number of companies in this space, and none seemed to have it so well figured out. They walked me through the whole process of building the vehicle and showed total attention to detail.

Touring their facility was a thrill, just to see how it is all done, and all the aspects they have worked out and refined over the years. Their experience with customs and the shipping and delivery was also impressive and took all the worry out of the process. Forager arrived at our door in an enclosed flat-bed gleaming just like it had just rolled out of the shop.

We are in Virginia and Forager has been fun for the whole family with trips out to the fire roads of the George Washington National Forest for hiking trips, and for transporting the family canoe and gear for trips out to the lake. And in addition to being an ideal shuttle for getting me and the mountain bike to trailheads, during COVID it’s been great for carrying all the kids and bikes out to more remote places to trail ride to get away from it all safely.

Post-delivery, Arkonik has been incredibly responsive and supportive with the mechanical issues and questions that will come up from time to time on such vehicles of such vintage. It has become my daily driver, and the kids love it - the Frontrunner roof rack and ladder also double as a jungle gym, it turns out…Arkonik is an impressive operation and group of people that turn out a fantastic product.

Mr P. Carney | USA

As long as I am able, I will own an Arkonik Defender

What is now several years ago, I bought a Defender 90 from Arkonik. It was a modest makeover compared to the inspirational vehicles they usually create. I have been on their email list since I had my Defender sent to the US.

Their emails inspired me to gradually upgrade my “friend” over time, which include replacing the engine with 300 Tdi, adding air conditioning, and an off the frame paint re-spray. Much of the body restoration was done by a shop in Charleston SC called Fenix Automotive. Arkonik knows Mike Fitzgerald and his team at Fenix quite well. Anyway, as long as I am able, I will own a Defender. The next one will be from Arkonik as well. Look forward to your return soon after The COVID storm passes. Thanks again for the inspiration.

Mr W. Koontz | USA

Arkonik client with their D90

The most perfectly orchestrated experience I could have imagined

I was fortunate to have purchased new a NAS Defender 90 in 1995. My experience with this vehicle instilled in me the desire to once again own another of these truly unique trucks.

As I researched my options I came across Arkonik. Initially, I was taken aback at the long lead time but based upon all I read and discovered in conversations with owners of Arkonik’s products I made the decision to move forward. What an amazing journey it has been!

I began the process discussing my options with Tom Parry. Tom was the consummate professional. His un-pressured guidance and wealth of knowledge regarding his product helped me create the ideal combination of accessories and visions of what was to be the perfect, Defender 90 that married my experiences with my original D90 and what would ultimately become my dream creation. Tom also extended the invitation to visit the Arkonik facility in the UK. This is a great idea for those who are considering an Arkonik vehicle of their own. The trip was so worthwhile and informative.

Upon my arrival in Bath, I was greeted by Andy Stacy who shuttled me to the Land Rover Driving Experience at Eastnor Castle. We were paired with a Driving Instructor and spent the entire afternoon on the trails of the Castle. The insights of the Instructor coupled with the knowledge that Andy shared really reinforces the capabilities of these vehicles.

The following morning Andy collected me and took me to the Arkonik facility where I met Tom formally and began the personalized journey through the process of creating my vehicle. It becomes immediately obvious why the finished product is what it is. The dedication, commitment, and most importantly the pride that goes into every step of the construction process is so very apparent. The teams willingness to add, delete, and adjust the pieces of the puzzle to enable you to create the perfect personalized end result was nothing short of amazing.

As the actual production of my vehicle began, Sam Pearce set up my “Portal” to allow me to see pictures of the process. I found myself waiting anxiously for the latest updates of photos as the journey of my truck progressed.

As the D90 neared completion Tom handed me over to Scott McCabe who walked me through the delivery steps. He was so thoroughly prepared to provide information on the journey down to tracking the location of the ship carrying the truck across the pond. One more example of the level of professionalism that the entire team exhibits.

On the day of delivery, Eric Yohe, reached out to me to coordinate the “Hand Over” plan. As I had come to expect, Eric is another great example of how things are done the “right way” with Arkonik. Eric’s knowledge of the mechanics of the Land Rover products and his persona made me feel like my big brother was handing down his personal pride and joy.

Overall, the Experience with Arkonik has been one of the most professional, well thought out, and perfectly orchestrated experiences I could have imagined. I was in very capable, experienced, professional, caring hands from start to finish. Most importantly, the finished product is amazing.

Mr J. George | Colorado, USA

A world class, bespoke truck from a highly engaged team

I have owned my Arkonik Defender 110, named Skyfall, since 2015. I started the purchase process in 2014 while living in France and took delivery of the vehicle in the US. Although I was early in the Arkonik story, I can tell you that my experience was excellent.

From the design phase to the tour of the facility to the delivery in the US, and even a service visit a year later, the entire experience exceeded expectations. The whole team was always very responsive, expectations were set clearly and then met, and there was always a friendly encounter.

I chose a classic style for my truck and was never upsold or influenced into any overbuilding. In fact, the original design team was as excited about the design as I was and totally got into the process with me, even when I was trying to source some old school fabric for the seats. I can still remember my first visit to the facility when Tom P personally drove me back to St Pancras. Very attentive service!

The truck itself was and still is magnificent in all regards. Finish quality is very high, design is spot on, and there is never a day I get in and drive it that I regret the not insignificant price. I am fortunate to have several well-known brand vehicles but I can say that without fail this is the biggest head turner/conversation piece of them all by far.

After a year of ownership I had a small issue with a leaky door seal. The Arkonik team lined me up with a specialist who had flown over from the UK with seals in hand to replace both front seals. I didn’t have to say anything other than I was having this issue and they proactively arranged the service call to my house. That’s service.

Five years on and my Defender is still excellent with all finishes holding up and the driving experience as new (better actually :))

With Andy very involved, a winning culture in the shop, and many folks such as Tom P having been there for years, this is the best place to invest your money when securing a high quality Defender.

Best of luck in your purchase journey!

Mr R. Dahdah | USA

Man stood next to a green Defender 110.

The final product is better than I could have imagined

The Arkonik experience, from start to finish, is a journey, and one worth taking if you are considering a custom-built Defender. Taking the initial leap with nothing more than phone calls and online diligence was a big hurdle, but ultimately a leap that I am glad I took. Tom at Arkonik was there for me every step of the way, from answering every last question I had over the phone, accommodating two site visits before and during the build process, and even taking me and my family off-roading at Eastnor for a true Land Rover Defender Experience.

With a hand made custom built product, every vehicle is unique and you need a little patience to get what you want, the way you want it, at Arkonik’s standards. And it’s worth it. I’ve had my D110 for about a month and coming up on 600 miles as I break in the engine and I can feel the performance improving along the way.

I also have to commend Grant, Scott and the Support team for their help with the registration paperwork, assistance with post-delivery questions and help finding a suitable repair shop for ongoing maintenance. Arkonik is still there for you even after your vehicle is delivered. Truly kept their word and have been top notch.

If you are considering Arkonik I cannot recommend them enough.

Mr J. Wagner | New York, USA

Man standing next to a Defender 90

Incredible D90 as a result of an amazing team

I am only a few weeks into having my D90 but at this point I am ready to leave a review. To start I want to be clear on a few things: This is a TRUCK. If you know you want a Defender, and you know what having a Defender is like (or understand it), AND you want a white glove build and that level of service, then I would definitely recommend Arkonik.

The process:
I went with Arkonik partially because of their process, in that there is one. Unlike many custom build shops there is a pipeline and they work vehicles through it consistently. This was very appealing to me when shopping for this truck because I did not want to be in some unknown state with unknown blockers coming in throughout.
There aren’t guessing games about parts or countless missed deadlines. This process was as much for me a selling point as the products they deliver. I did not want to ever be without understanding of where I was in the process and what was expected next and Arkonik was great at this. Very transparent and very solid on dates.

Sales and Ordering:
There was no pressure here and no attempts to upsell. The team is knowledgable, accessible, and had great comms. I recommend spending a few hours going through their previous builds and making your list of Need/Want/No. I think I looked at every photo on every build they have posted and came in with my lists ready to go. Tom was incredibly easy to work with on the selections, had some very good input and did a wonderful job circling back on decisions. The entire front end team was a pleasure to work with.

Build Process:
This is when the fun really started and after approving the final design I got the login to my portal and my build photos. Seeing the team in action and the build in process is just cool. Being able to share those photos with friends and family so they could see the progress as well was great. Importantly at this point, the communications and photos keep coming and seeing the progress was amazing. It was like seeing the end-of-show build montage on any of your high end car restoration shows but it was MY TRUCK!!

Import and Delivery:
All the onerous paperwork is fully covered by Arkonik and aside from reading status updates from them, I did nothing. So many thanks here!! I can’t imagine trying to even be part of this process.

The final handoff with Eric went very smoothly and he clearly knows his way around these trucks. The walk through was very thorough and it is clear to me that he is available going forward to answer question I may have. Follow-up with the whole team has been great, questions I have had answered, and where I have things I will be doing on the truck, I have videos to help with the process. Really I could not ask for more on the service here.

I could not recommend the Arkonik team more if this is the truck you are looking for. Top notch service and communication and the final product is stunning.

Mr M. Qwreigh | Seattle, USA


I am absolutely thrilled to call myself an Arkonik owner!

I purchased a 1992 D110 200Tdi with performance upgrade. The entire process, from choosing my vehicle specs, to talking with current clients in the US prior to placing a deposit, visiting the Arkonik facility in the UK, watching with bated breath as my client portal was periodically updated, to finally receiving my rebuilt Defender last week and experiencing the handover process with Eric has been first class.

The Arkonik team, namely my “handler” Grant Spicer, have been extremely helpful and insightful about the process of importing and owning a life-long dream. I could not imagine embarking on this journey with any other outfitter. I cannot wait to enjoy my Defender for years to come!

Mr K. Reddy | Wisconsin, USA

I’m a fan for life

First off, one must understand that buying and importing to the U.S. a “vintage” automobile that is procured specially for the customer, rebuilt from chassis up, and customized to the tiniest detail is going to take time. It will be time well spent with Arkonik. From start to finish they have really been superb. Every detail is covered.

My first interaction with them by telephone, which served as my “interview” of them, was amazing. I sat at my phone with a list of 30 questions and without me having to ask a single one of those questions, they answered every one as if they could read my mind. They also brought up issues that I never would have thought to ask about. They are incredibly transparent. They give a realistic time frame for the build “start to finish” and they are upfront about costs.

All too often with these kinds of projects, they end up taking twice as long and being twice as costly as originally planned. Not with Arkonik. Communication is great. They keep you posted along the journey from procuring the vehicle to be rebuilt and customized through the entire build process. Along the way, they allow for modifications to the original order and inform you of any additional items they have added to their repertoire of stuff that they can offer. No hard sell, just options they let you choose from if you wish.

They even allowed me to “hypercustomize” a few little things on my build and were eager to do so. It is a costly endeavor but well worth it. They make the intimidating prospect of having an older, rebuilt and modified automobile imported to the U.S. as smooth and “hands free” as one could hope for. I really cannot say enough great things about Arkonik. I’m a fan for life.

Owner | California, USA

Rediscovering Slowness

It must have been a very special alignment of the planets the day I discovered Arkonik. At first I was somewhat surprised by the lead time of 16-18 months as anything you buy online nowadays is to be delivered ASAP. In the end it took 17 months from the moment of ordering my Defender 110 to its handover. The more I waited to receive my D110 the more I started to appreciate the “slowness”.

The long process of building an imaginary Defender; choosing configurations, accessories, colors, patterns, the leather for the seats, etc was undertaken with unparalleled excitement. Once the actual build started I received images of the progress on my customer portal each week. Seeing images of a chassis mutating into my imagined Defender on a weekly basis was pure excitement.

I realized only then that looking through Arkonik’s site and simply picking a Featured Build to copy would make this Defender not MY Defender.

It would be like any ordinary car buy where I go online, choose a model and then go to the store and drive with it home. Besides, flying to the UK, visiting Arkonik, getting to know the crew first hand who were working on my car, a trip to Eastnor Castle to drive a Defender 110 with a Jaguar Land Rover instructor for a day gave the whole process a unique and unforgettable touch to the slowness.

The longer this process went on, the more I had the feeling that I needed to go back to the moment I discovered Arkonik, talk to Grant Spicer over the phone as if it would be the first time and restart it all again.

All waiting comes to an end, eventually. My Defender arrived finally on my driveway and it looked far better than in my wildest dreams. Eric Yohe came by for a personalized handover. A half day went by with him explaining the car, its care, its particularities in all detail. His life long expertise was palpable in each showing and answering questions.

My Defender is now my daily driver. You might think this is the end of my relationship with Arkonik? It isn’t! A 1,000 miles down the road and they are still involved to ensure that this car will take me further than anything else in my life.

Mr P. Boehringer | New Mexico, USA

The best car buying experience I've ever had

I must say with my experience buying from Tom and Andy at Arkonik was simply the best car buying experience I’ve ever had! Working with Tom on this process with my many changes was simply perfect and very easy to do. When they hand delivered the car to me on time and everything was as they described I simply could not have asked for more from my experience.

I simply love the D110 they built for me. It is a work of art and the design could not have gone any better. If anyone has a question call me anytime, as their product has exceeded my expectations 843.276.5404.

Mr T. Blair | South Carolina, USA

Great Experience,
Great Company

I had a great experience with Arkonik! I had a Defender 90 re-built exactly the way I wanted and love the way it turned out. From start to finish, the entire process was professional, enjoyable and easy. Even being located in the Southeastern US I was able to always communicate with Arkonik! I highly recommend Arkonik.

I always loved the look of Land Rover Defenders growing up. They were industrial, rustic and just plain cool looking. I grew up in the Southeastern United States where you didn’t see many, but when you did, you always did a double take.

In late 2017 my wife became pregnant with our first child and at the same time, I decided it was time to start my Arkonik journey. We plan to use our new Arkonik Defender 90 for long weekend family trips and outings. Last year we had a baby boy, who can hopefully one day inherit our Arkonik Defender 90 as his first car: that’s if I’m willing to part with it of course!

Mr B. Glisson | Georgia, USA

Totally Awesome!

Wow, this truck is a blast! I grew up on Defenders in the sugar cane fields in Jamaica but having one again is awesome (or Irie as we would say in Jamaica). I thoroughly enjoyed working with everyone on the Arkonik team, high attention to detail, very responsive and of course the product is outstanding. I am using my turbo diesel D90 almost as a daily driver to work, about 30 miles from Philadelphia, and it is such a blast. Give yourself about 15 minutes extra for your commute as you usually have admirers stop you to explain why the vehicle, on the one hand, is antique but totally updated on the other hand — especially if you have your reggae music blasting on the premium Pioneer with ApplePlay!

The truck is simultaneously rugged with some British quirkiness (hand pumping the windshield washer fluid will take you back a few years) but looks stunning up against the Range Rovers and Bentleys in our parking lot. If you want a Defender with perfect restoration and thoughtful product improvements I cannot think of a better place to shop than Arkonik. The factory in Mells is also great to visit — stay at the Royal Crescent hotel in Bath, visit Stonehenge and then drop in for a chat with the lads as they hand build perfection!

Mr M. Newman | Philadelphia, USA

My badass Defender 110 is Arkonik

I can’t say but awesome things about Arkonik. I entrusted the build of my custom Defender to the guys at Arkonik. I always wanted to own a badass Defender. Based on government regulations, a Defender was nearly impossible to find here in the U.S. I did my research and selected a couple of companies, some here in the U.S. and some in Europe. The only one that promised to meet the requirements for the vehicle that I wanted was Arkonik in England. From the moment that I inquired to the day they hand-delivered my badass Defender, I had complete customer service that exceeded my expectations. Since inception, I had the opportunity to handpick customizable options for my Defender: engine, mechanics, color, interior, electrical work, and so forth.

Not only I was able to pick them but I was also able to follow the build from my home and during a visit to their factory in England.
If you are interested in an original Land Rover Defender, then Arkonik is the company to choose. Arkonik will harvest an original Defender and preserve its originality and personality. Besides the badass look and personality of the Defender, the one thing I love about them is the sound of their Rover and TDi engines. It’s like the unique sound of a Harley & Davidson.. you would not say it is is a Harley unless it possesses that sound.
So, if you want a badass Defender that possesses the heart and soul of the quintessential Rover, then this is the company you should hire.

Mr F. Rincon | Pennsylvania, USA

From Start to Finish...

...the Arkonik process was a blast — spending the time to speak with their team members about each and every feature, receiving and reviewing samples of paints and leathers and other trim details, and discovering the combination that best reflected the type of Defender I’ve always imagined owning. It’s hard to imagine buying it any other way — it’s a lifetime purchase, an instant heirloom — and I look forward to owning it forever, and teaching my son to drive it…when he’s old enough, and insured, and maybe after he turns 30!

Mr N. Richitt | New York, USA

A cut above the rest...

My journey started with searching for a vehicle that I could make a part of my family heritage. I’ve always been a utility vehicle kind of guy, so I knew that it would be a wagon or truck, so I began scouring the internet for something that I felt would be a good representation of me. I wanted something that would stand the test of time, be of good strong character, never lose its charm and be reliable in serving those closest to me. After weeks of searching, I was led to the Arkonik doorstep, so to speak, and the obsession was instantly born.

Of course there were hesitations with cost, trusting an outfit oceans away and determining whether this really could be the last vehicle for me. After reading forum post after forum post then reviews, I took the leap of faith and reached out through the website, and the path led me to Tom Maxwell. An instant connection was made after our first conversation, and he was instrumental in building my confidence, easing my angst in my most uncertain vehicle purchase to date, and since then, the excitement and confidence has built with each step and every person I’ve encountered with the company.

Speaking of which, Arkonik really has amazed me as an organization filled with dedicated professionals to their craft, all harmonizing under the main goal of building world class rigs to deliver to satisfied customers. You guys are really a cut above the rest, and I’m appreciative that there’s a group of collective minds in this world that have such a singular passion and dedication. Thank you all for your collective efforts to make this experience so special!!

The Edition that inspired me from the instant I saw it was the look of the Midas two-tone. From there I made some modifications to the exact paint colors but kept the scheme as a homage to the original Midas. Not sure what to call mine yet, but looking forward to that part of the journey next!

Most of all I can’t wait to use my Defender for more camping trips in back country, woods and on the beach in these years to come!!

Mr D. Tse | California, USA

First Class

After countless hours of on-line research and reading about Arkonik’s client experiences, I knew Arkonik was the obvious choice for my new defender. What I did not know at that time was how enjoyable the entire process with Arkonik would be.

From the very first phone call through completion, every person I worked with was professional and helpful. The process was straight forward and Arkonik did everything they said they would do. The people at Arkonik are first class.

Bottom line; Arkonik only restores / builds Defenders; no other makes or models to distract them. They know every bolt. They have it figured out. Thanks for everything Arkonik.

Mr T. Archer | Arizona, USA

Restored & Reimagined

Arkonik’s perspective on achieving their clients’ vision is well-stated: “Restored by us. Reimagined by You.”

I’ve been a North American Spec Defender 90 owner since 2012, having shopped for the right one for 2-3 years. I love the 1997 Willow Green LE I ended up with, but have always fancied the ROW D110 for its capabilities, 4 door versatility and what I would call its proportional correctness. In late 2017 I began reviewing various build sites and quickly narrowed my choice to Arkonik. After pouring over the Editions, options, reviews and other information, I gave them a call. In short order Tom Maxwell and I hammered out a preliminary build and I became an Arkonik customer - Happy Holidays!

More recently I visited the shop in advance of my build, which is scheduled to commence in October / November 2018 for a January 2019 delivery. My expectations were mixed – clearly high build quality, but what was the operation really like? I was surprised to see probably 10 Defenders in various states of build progress (more than expected) as well as 3 completed vehicles. Quality was off the charts! Rebuilt chassis, transmission, axles and engine with all new components – check. Virtually everything else, however, is brand new, with all components meeting and in most cases far exceeding OEM. Suspension, vehicle-specific wiring harness, lights, switches, rack, bespoke interior, body panels excepting the roof – everything new! Sound deadening – check! Rhino coated chassis and under body – check! Improved weather stripping – check! Incredible paint job – check! Quality control personnel pouring over and driving the vehicle – check! Truly fit and finish second to none. I have a good baseline with my NAS Defender and can honestly say that Arkonik takes the Defender to a completely different level - one that FAR exceeds the original vehicle. A special part of my shop visit involved meeting virtually the entire Arkonik team that will be completing my build – a fine and engaging group of craftsman and support staff dedicated to helping you achieve your dream Defender.

During my visit Tom and Grant Spicer arranged for an off-road experience at Eastnor Castle. Grant and new Arkonik team member Toby Cole and I drove there in the morning for an incredible afternoon of off-roading amongst Eastnor’s 5000+ acres and some 66 miles of trails. Driving a late model 110 we started out in the prepared course area climbing stairs, negotiating a rock canyon, experiencing a mixed fall line course (read driving on three wheels), wading and finally understanding the unique Land Rover diff lock feature via an area with varying degrees of traction (or lack thereof). We then progressed to the trails and enjoyed probably two full hours of climbing, descending, twists, turns, mud, roots, rocks and wading. I have a fair amount of off-road driving experience, but the prepared course area, trails and the LR Experience instructor’s coaching vastly improved my skill level and understanding of the vehicle. Eastnor is an experience not to be missed!

Advance notice / warning! After you submit your build specification, you will wear out the website reviewing the various editions for build details, of which there are PLENTY to discover. You’ll also be faced with 2-3 new Editions per month – via Arkonik’s newsletter - that will further pique your interest and drive you to refine your specification. Just when you think you had it all figured out you’ll be contacting Tom Parry or Nathan Davis for a revision. Not to worry, the current lead time is 16 months - you’ll have plenty of time!

Mr W. Chinn | Ohio, USA

How Cool!

One of the best features of the build has been the client portal access.  Initially when we told our 6 children how long the vehicle would take to create, I could see the disappointment in their faces as children have no patience! As I told them anything worthwhile takes time, I could see it go in one ear and out the other! However over the past year my children have logged in almost weekly to the client portal just to view the pictures and see the team working on it. How cool! Thank you for making our family feel like we have been involved in the build of our vehicle.

Mr M. Kavallieratos | New Jersey, USA

Amazing experience from start to finish!

From design to daily updates of the restoration in progress to delivery of the vehicle in Toronto Canada. Everything was exactly as promised. The ongoing support is equally professional and diligent. These guys are 100% customer focussed. Happy to share my experience with anyone considering ordering a custom Defender from Arkonik.

Mr S. Manicom | Toronto, Canada

First Class Service

I started the process of purchasing my 110 a little over two years ago and received my car in Q4 2017. All I can say is, the company’s customer service is outstanding. I was very nervous throughout the process of designing the car and sending international wires. If you have a passion for a Defender, I couldn’t recommend a better company to work with to realize that dream.

Mr D. Finan | Texas, USA

Deserving more stars...Happy Customer

I was going to give you guys 10 stars, but the rating maxed out at 5. I’m beyond excited about the current build of my 110. Arkonik is truly “best in class” in the Defender restoration business. I am so happy I made it over to see the shop and meet the team in person. I’m beyond satisfied so far, and I know exactly what I’ll receive in a few short months. I am more than willing to talk to any prospective customers should the need arise.

Mr M. Greene | Hawaii, USA

Arkonik Delivers

If you are looking for the premier company from which to purchase your dream Defender, it does not get any better than Arkonik. From start to finish including delivery, they are absolute tops.

I happened upon Arkonik when I was bitten by the Defender bug in 2014. The website was like the Victoria’s Secret catalogue when I was a youngster – full of gorgeous models that I would never see lounging in my…well, my garage! As we had already planned a vacation to England with our girls, and Arkonik is located in a beautiful area near Bath, we arranged a factory visit as part of our trip through the countryside.

I am not sure what my wife and girls expected. They probably thought that they were wasting the day on some dumb car bunny trail. But right from the start, they were sooooo into the trucks; looking at the stock of carcasses, checking out all the production areas, critiquing the various designs, sitting and looking in every single Defender on the grounds. It was clear that they were also bitten hard by the Arkonik bug and were experts on them four hours later! By the time we had designed and quoted mine with the Sales Team, my giddy wife said: “Let’s write the check!”

Despite all of that, I wanted to wait. I was planning to go and check out several other similar operations… and I did. THEN we wrote the check and got in line! Why? Simple – Arkonik loves making these bad boys even more than you will love owning them. They are a great bunch of people, who really turn these humble trucks into something that is far superior in every single way than when they rolled off the Land Rover production line, even in 2016!

They have a vision of what these trucks can be and they execute it flawlessly. The body and paint are amazing and the process if getting them to that level is painstaking and thorough. The engine build shop basically puts all new parts onto the refurbished block, with many custom parts that are higher quality than the original. The interiors are fantastic and really catch people’s eye.

The really fun part of the process is picking all the options for a full custom build, the results are jaw-dropping.

Literally, I cannot tell you how many people turn and look, come up and ask “What IS this??” plus all manner of other goofy behaviour in the presence of these gorgeous beasts.

The professional aspect of Arkonik impressed me in every department. Things get done on time and you are kept up to date with the process on the portal or via email and phone. There are constant check-ins with you during the process and no detail is too small to get noticed and handled: this aspect is very important when you are sending sizable chunks of cash overseas and hoping it all turns out well! It does…100%

Delivery day is a fun deal and it’s great to see the finished product in the driveway! I had already seen and driven in mine a few months ahead of delivery when I was in England, but it still felt fresh and tingly when it arrived. A very nice touch from their customer service department is to have their residential expert do a personal handover and explain the truck inside-out and spend time with you to make sure all is as it should be and that you are completely comfortable with your new truck. I have not heard of another company that does this and it’s extremely useful.

In short, Arkonik is as good as they appear and promise and the truck is even better than I’d hoped in every way. I have zero reservations in recommending the Arkonik team to anyone smart enough to invest in a Defender and have done so with a dozen friends who have expressed an interest. You will not be disappointed, not even a little bit. Go get one now!!

Mr A. Duettra | New Mexico, USA

As a long time customer

As a long time customer, I’ve had nothing but the best customer service experiences. Every issue I’ve had with my vehicle has been addressed and resolved in a very timely manner. Even though we have an ocean between us, it seems a though they are my neighbourhood mechanics. The team at Arkonik is very knowledgeable and professional from the lads in the shop, to the ladies in front office, all the way to the top man! I would recommend Arkonik to anybody looking to invest in a remarkable vehicle.

Mr C. Ellis | Ontario


Do yourself a favor and never have any regrets...

CALL ARKONIK FOR YOUR DEFENDER Restoration! Among all the companies that “attempt” to restore Defenders, there is only one that truly accomplishes a full and impeccable restoration. From the very beginning, the entire Arkonik team rolled up there sleeves to help in the build process. From paint, to interior, to hardware and accessories, Arkonik’s team was patient and provided amazing advice based on hours of consultation.

During the build process Arkonik was in constant communication and when improvements could be made to my selection (not an up-sell like many auto manufacturers) Arkonik reached out to me and would advise me of other options I might give serious consideration to. The process was flawless and the ENTIRE Arkonik team is to thank for that.

Without a doubt, Arkonik is the cream of the crop. Their service and trucks are SECOND to NONE! If you want the best, there’s only one name to call… ARKONIK!

Mr S. Hodges | Texas, USA

Arkonik is the best in the business

After ordering not one, but two Defenders (his and hers…), my family recently visited the Arkonik “factory” in Mells to see the production. I want to express our most heartfelt appreciation for the hospitality and welcome Tom, Grant, Nathan and the entire build team showed us while on site. Our visit to Arkonik was a particular highlight while in England, as we really were able to see the depth of dedication to excellence you and your colleagues bring to your product.

Seeing the entire process live and watching all the craftsmen work their magic, with all the intricate handwork that goes into the production of an Arkonik Defender, was a sight to behold. We are doubly as excited as we were the day we ordered our vehicles, as now we have a face for every production part of the vehicle. The energy and passion that the craftsmen bring was evident from the engine block all the way to the final polish of the doors. We want to thank every member of the production staff who spent time with us explaining what they work on and let you know that we left exceedingly impressed with the quality of the workman and the product. Arkonik has taken an iconic truck and built it to the standard it deserves to be shown in public. Every time we step into one of our trucks, hear the tight click of the door closing, fire up the engine, release the clutch and steer out to the road, we will know that the team who built our vehicle is the best in the business.

Mr C. Neel | Pennsylvania, USA

Arkonik builds the worlds best Defenders with passion and love for what they do

I am about to take delivery of my 4th Defender from Arkonik. The relationship I’ve had with Thomas Parry and team Arkonik goes about 5 years back. I don’t think there’s a London Business School class or Harvard business case that comes close to describing what goes on at Arkonik, but having known them now for some time and even having the pleasure of visiting them in person, all I can say is that there’s some magic that happens when you put a bunch of super nice people together with a deeply shared passion and experts in their respective field.

Each of the builds have been special to me, purpose built and unique in its own way. The latest build is a Defender 110, which we plan to take it across country, maybe even tow an Airstream around, climb up to the roof and just watch the stars on some calm summer evening out in the middle of nowhere. Arkonik markets and sells Defenders, but the real experience is the interaction with the entire staff there who are really excited in sharing each step of the process. Can’t wait to build more of these with you guys!

Mr L. Lee | Montana, USA

In my opinion: excellence defined

If you know Arkonik, you won’t be surprised by my review. If you’re considering buying from Arkonik, I hope you find this lengthy review helpful. . .

I stumbled upon some pictures of Arkonik Defenders as I was doing online research on Defender restorations and was pretty much hooked. I did, however, continue digging and I checked out the “usual suspects” who do restorations (in three different countries). I decided on Arkonik based on the quality of craftsmanship and customer service, but there was another variable — the fact that these guys are Brits.

Land Rover and Defender history is deeply-rooted in the UK and because of this, I expected and have found, a sort of pride unique to Arkonik and their work.

I own four 4wds — a 1978 Toyota Landcruiser (44K original miles), a 1995 Toyota 4Runner (owned since new), and two 2015 Defender 110s (one in Keswick Green and the other a limited-edition Adventure in Phoenix Orange). . . but I’m most excited about my Arkonik project, because Arkonik delivers something truly unique — a wonderfully restored vehicle (mechanically and aesthetically speaking) that retains the heart, soul, and character of a decades-old classic.

My wife and I were impressed with every single aspect of our visit to Arkonik. From the hospitality afforded us to witnessing the excruciating attention to detail of the build process, Arkonik stood out at every turn. ‘Nut and bolt restoration’ is frequently used, oftentimes loosely, but the expression could not better describe an Arkonik build. We visited each department (yep, different departments, each specializing in their own part of the process), chatted with the kind folks working in each, and had all of our questions answered. The visit was invaluable, and I would recommend a trip to Mells, UK and Arkonik to any prospective or current customer.

I had been in contact with the gents in the sales department before visiting HQ, and meeting the Arkonik team face-to-face only solidified my notions of their being professional, knowledgeable and genuinely likable fellows. I once heard of an exclusive luxury resort that prided itself on customer satisfaction, where staff would say “The answer is ‘Yes’. Now, what was the question?”. We got a similar feeling during our visit. 

In life, we generally get what we pay for, and our recent visit helped me realize that this is certainly the case with a Defender from Arkonik. These guys reanimate Defenders and do it to an unimaginable degree of excellence and perfection (from transmission and engine to interior comforts). Their trucks are built to tighter specs than Land Rover themselves demanded, making their Defenders, well, better-than-new.

Here’s a true story: During our visit, we strolled past an almost-complete Defender that looked beautiful. The truck had a few small, round stickers on it, each numbered. We asked what they were for, and were told that each sticker pointed out a flaw or imperfection that was to be corrected before delivery. I’m not kidding, the average human likely could not have detected these “imperfections” without a magnifying glass, and even then he may not have seen it as warranting repair. I asked if they were serious, and the guys said something like, “The customer is paying for a perfect Defender, and that’s what they’ll get.”

I recommend Arkonik without hesitation and can hardly wait to receive my Arkonik Defender in 2019.

Mr B. Blythe | Colorado, USA


One day I got a wild hair to look for …

One day I got a wild hair to look for and buy a Defender 110. I looked all over the internet at several vehicles all over the US. None on them got me excited. Then I literally stumbled across Arkonik and their website. I started to do a small amount of research and learned about what Arkonik had to offer and that they were the real deal.

With ongoing hesitations about Arkonik I decided to put a deposit on a vehicle to get my name in the hat. Next step, my wife and I took a trip over the pond to visit the Arkonik operation and take our order to the next step, which was hand picking every single detail down to the stitching pattern of the thread on the custom seats. Arkonik pocked is up from our hotel and we spent the entire day with the Arkonik team. We met every person that would personally be working on our vehicle. It was then and only then that we knew that we made the right choice. Fast forward through the process…....we got to see our vehicle get built from day one through the day it left to go to the port for its journey over the pond. The client portal that they provide is awesome!! They provided daily updates on the build and kept us informed of step step of the process. The delivery of the vehicle was just as satisfying. It showed up in my driveway and days later the local US rep flew to see me to do a three hour orientation of the vehicle AND went to the DMV with me to help me title and register the vehicle. Talk about customer service!! Overall I would and may do it all over again. Great company and great vehicles. I personally got the Cervus Edition and I will have this vehicle until the day I move on to another life. Hopefully, I can take it with me.

Mr M. Mummert | Georgia, USA

Great Overall Experience

From my first contact with Arkonik until delivery, they have been great to deal with. Since delivery, they have contacted me several times to ensure everything is going well with my Defender and to see if I have any questions or need anything. The quality of the build is excellent and our family has enjoyed our weekends out exploring in it. Thank you Arkonik for providing excellent service and an awesome Defender!

Mr G. Capell | South Carolina, USA

Very happy with Arkonik

After reviewing companies and talking to people I felt Arkonik was the right choice for me to build up a Defender. After being a part of the thorough process my Apache Edition showed up in perfect condition and is an amazing vehicle. I would recommend using Arkonik if anyone is looking to get a Land Rover Defender.

Mr D. Freese | Texas, USA

Great company. Unrivalled build quality

I had been lusting for a Defender practically my entire life, and when Arkonik called and mentioned they had one available, I jumped at the opportunity.

White glove service was provided throughout the ordering and delivery process, with Tom giving exceptional background and information on the vehicle and Eric diving deep on the history, operation, and maintenance of Defenders on delivery.

I’ve only had the Defender for about a month, but all the other Defender enthusiasts and mechanics have marvelled at its build quality. It’s clear that Arkonik has a deep passion and knowledge for rebuilding these classics.

If your dream is to own a “brand new” Defender, go with Arkonik. Highly recommended company.

Mr A. Lin | New York, USA

Extreme level of Quality and Professionalism throughout!!!!

I have now had my Defender for 6 months and it’s as amazing as when it was first delivered and operates impeccably. My build, as with all, had an incredible level of detail (ANEJO) and the process was thorough, professional, and exceeded the vision I had for my vehicle in all regards. Each touch point with Arkonik was better then the prior with all staff members being absolutely passionate professionals delivering on utmost quality and impeccable customer service.

I can’t say enough positive things about Arkonik and the vehicle they built for me. Due to my level of detail and some of my quirky requests they never missed a beat and executed on each impeccably while politely pushing back on some and offering improvements on others. The collaboration was just amazing!! They listen, research, and execute impeccably!! Initially prior to ordering the vehicle I was concerned how the after care would be handled as they are in the UK and I am in the US. After 6 months and a few minor service calls I can say without reservation that they not only deliver an amazing vehicle but stand behind it better then I could have ever imagined. I highly recommend Arkonik and I will say my main point of contact Tom Maxwell was exceptional as were all staff members I interacted with. I also went with the Ruskin interior and presented I believe a very unique and challenging project brief which they translated in a very timely manner far exceeding my initial vision. Outstanding process, Amazing customer service, Extreme level of detail and quality, and a finished product that words don’t give justice to. They are more than the real deal!!!
An extremely satisfied client (just in case you couldn’t tell by my review)

Owner | New York, USA

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