The Land Rover Defender: a byword for the tropes of ruggedness, honesty and simplicity. Ever wondered how it would look if a former Bugatti designer turned one into an extravagant restomod project? Neither have we. Nevertheless, we’re pleased to inform you that the results are rather spectacular.

If you do find yourself in a warm clime over the next few months, Arkonik has just the vehicle for you—a custom 1989 Land Rover Defender Beach Cruiser. Unfortunately, only five examples of the summer-time 4×4 will be built, so you’ll have to move quickly to grab one before they run out.

The latest to have caught our eye is their superb looking Rhapsody D110 Land Rover Defender that is one of their coolest and most wilderness-ready to date – a fact they tested by taking it on a road trip with JP Cooper – a real aficionado of the Great Outdoors.

Whilst the newly arrived Defender might be brimming with state-of-the-art technology, the rugged simplicity of the old one can be skilfully combined with a host of intelligent modifications to create a car that will provide a lifetime of enjoyable, practical and reliable service.

The new series of Arkonik Apparel is definitely right up our street here at Arkonik has released a small but perfectly formed collection of tees, sweaters and hoodies which will delight their many fans the world over.

Arkonik is a British-based company specializing in frame-off (i.e. as complete as they get) restorations of European Defenders for the North American market. They’ve produced such stunning builds as the SoCal D90 and Switchback 110.

You’re buying a vehicle that can go anywhere, tow anything, shrug off defeat. A vehicle with a heart and a soul. And it carries the hearts and souls of the men and women who built it. Built it just for you.

There’s no question that the Defenders to leave Arkonik’s base are better finished than when they were first made by Land Rover. That feels like a given - but the level of work done here is genuinely outstanding.

Leading independent Land Rover Defender specialist company Arkonik restores, upgrades, and customizes vintage D90 and D110 Land Rover models to perfection.

Arkonik gave this 1992 Land Rover Defender a plush, modern upgrade.
Along with enhanced off-road capabilities, this restomod features a custom cabin with heated seats and alloy switchgear.

Britons can now order their own special Land Rover from one of the best restorers around. And to demonstrate that the sky really is the limit, we’re taking a closer look at their most advanced build to date.

British custom-shop Arkonik is the world’s leading Defender specialist and seeing this amazing 110 build named “Clone”, we fully understand why!

The all-new Land Rover Defender is due to go on sale this year, but if you prefer the classic Defender’s styling, UK-based Arkonik has unveiled a stunning new restomod project based on a 1983 Land Rover Defender.


Classic British style paired with modern American muscle.

This Stunning Land Rover Defender Is the Ultimate Custom Beach Cruiser.

The reason for our admiration is the fact that Arkonik are capable of producing extraordinary looking and performing machines.

Some might scoff at Arkonik’s Defenders for not being pure. But that’s far from the case. What Arkonik is doing is rejuvenating classic SUVs for a modern crowd.

I asked Hayes why the firm only builds Land Rover Defenders and he explained his philosophy of sticking to one thing and perfecting it. After driving two of its products, it’s clear Arkonik lives that mantra.

Arkonik, which has a dedicated representative in the U.S, has been restoring Land Rovers since 2011 and its expertise shows in its latest model, the Defender-based Forager D110.

Here we have the results of British outfit Arkonik’s latest Defender project. Pleasing enough to not make us lament the demise of the ungentrified Defender.

British bespoke shop Arkonik keeps on delivering hit after hit, like this newly unleashed Land Rover Defender that’s been customized to perfection.

This Defender modification is for present times, for now, and it comes from a custom Defender restoration shop called Arkonik.

This Defender modification is for present times, for now, and it comes from a custom Defender restoration shop called Arkonik.

UK-based Arkonik has built up an impressive fleet of Defenders for a fortunate group of global consumers. But according to Andy Stacey, the company’s Brand Manager, this stealthy 1992 D110 in Corris Grey is the builder’s “most formidable restoration to date.”

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Arkonik, but it’s abundantly clear that these customizers out of the U.K. haven’t lost their touch. In fact, one of their newest builds, a Land Rover Defender 110 they’re calling ‘Black Hawk’ is one of the most intimidatingly impressive SUV builds we’ve seen.

Adventure is in the blood of some vehicles and chief amongst them is the Land Rover but if you’re the sort that likes to stand out from the crowd and have a steed a little out of the ordinary, the guys at Arkonik are the brand for you as no one does custom built machines better.

The latest gem to roll off Arkonik’s production line is a handsome off-roader fuelled by a powerful, long-lasting 200 turbodiesel engine. Based on a 1991 D110 Land Rover Defender, the ‘Camelot’ has been respectfully restored in classic Eastnor Green and Chawton White.

Built for royalty, this Santorini Black Land Rover 110 Defender is decked-out for the cause and ready for battle. It’s all courtesy of Arkonik – the aftermarket builders who enjoy taking things to the next level in the realm of beefy 4×4 SUVs.

Arkonik doesn’t simply “refurbish” the Land Rovers that come through their doors; they truly rebuild them from the ground up. With most of their sales to U.S.-based customers, the company has sought clean left-hand-drive examples from climates where the steel frames were unlikely to suffer.

A love letter to British heritage, this custom “Ranger Edition” Land Rover Defender by Arkonik stuns with its tasteful restorations and customizations. Adventures ahead.

Car customisation is something that takes a lot of time, patience and design nous and so far as Land Rovers are concerned nobody does it better than the guys at UK based workshop, Arkonik (which is why they’ve featured on the pages of The Coolector so consistently).

Arkonik is a company that builds and restores legendary Land Rover Defenders. It’s no surprise its latest build keeps with the tradition of the company. The Patriot D110 is a showstopper. Painted in Aries Blue, Arkonik paid attention to every detail on this build.

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