A Trip to Remember

A Trip to Remember

As part of last year’s Winter Promotion, we offered clients a trip to Bath, courtesy of Arkonik. Last week we had the pleasure of welcoming those clients for their festive getaway. They enjoyed a three-night stay in Bath with the Christmas market and Thermae Spa on their doorstep. As well as this, the clients also toured Arkonik HQ and had a great day off-roading at Land Rover Experience, Eastnor. We always encourage our prospective clients to visit us in the UK. With our friendly and knowledgeable team, it is certain to be a trip to remember.


“My wife and I enjoyed the opportunity to drive the Defender on its home turf, and the experience helped us appreciate that the truck was designed as a utility vehicle. And while the Defender is right at home in the mud and grime, Arkonik’s remarkable restoration adds a touch of luxury to the Defender, increasing its versatility and making it a comfortable everyday driver.” Mr Blythe | Colorado

The Defender is right at home in the mud and grime, Arkonik’s remarkable restoration adds a touch of luxury.
Mr Blythe | Colorado


“I had the opportunity to visit Arkonik for the second time recently… This second visit was as equally impressive as the first, with approximately 20 Defenders in various stages of production - including my 110 chassis. Numerous improvements to their facility had been made to streamline assembly and enhance productivity. This time, as with last, I witnessed the same commitment to quality and Arkonik’s dedication to creating their clients’ dream Defender…  To be certain, Arkonik’s array of options and final build quality will exceed expectations.” Mr Chinn | Texas

“When purchasing a Defender from Arkonik, it is so much more than just deciding on model, colour and concept. It has become very clear to me over the past few days that my vision has now become the true passion of everyone on the team. Seeing the dedication and hard work of your staff, from sales to mechanics and from paint to bodywork, far exceeded my expectations.” Mr Cagnazzi | New York