An Unforgettable Experience

An Unforgettable Experience

Yes we build Land Rover Defenders and yes we are the biggest global company to do so, but what we do here at Arkonik goes way beyond the fabric of our restorations. Whether you’ve already commissioned us to build your dream Defender, or you’re considering the process, we guarantee an experience like no other. Scroll down to read a firsthand account of what we like to call, The Arkonik Difference…



The pride of the staff at Arkonik shows in their eagerness to welcome visitors to see and understand what Arkonik can do.
Scott W | Upstate New York, USA

Classic Profile

“I’ve been a Land Rover owner for 11 years and currently have a fully original, classic 1979 Series III. It has even won a number of trophies at local shows. Nonetheless, I have decided to purchase a more powerful vehicle but keep the classic Land Rover profile. In my travels through 91 countries, I have seen Land Rovers on every continent. Professional drivers from Ushuaia to Nairobi have told me that the Defender tops the list of go-anywhere vehicles. So my search for one began.”

Highly Recommended

“As I researched available vehicles, it became evident that buying “a cheap Defender would likely become expensive“ and I wasn’t interested in a high priced, high mileage vehicle that would require far more than just routine maintenance. I came across a number of companies that sold restored vehicles but each company seemed to have their own definition of what that meant.

Since I purchased my original Series III in the UK, I decided to see what companies there were doing with the Land Rover market. I stopped my search after seeing what the folks at Arkonik promised. My initial telephone meeting was a cordial, helpful and thoughtful description of the Arkonik process and final product. Essentially, the transformation of a disassembled donor vehicle into a BETTER THAN NEW Defender. A custom made, one-off, bespoke Defender with your selection of both practical and luxury options that are impressive.

Not one to pass up a chance to travel I accepted the offer to visit the Arkonik facility near Bath. I highly recommend this visit. The pride of the staff at Arkonik shows in their eagerness to welcome visitors to see and understand what Arkonik can do. I was able to really visualize the Defender we are planning. With all of the options Arkonik offers, seeing physical vehicles built truly helped me finalize the choices for my Defender. Also, the value of talking to the experts where they do what they do is immeasurable.

I ended the visit feeling that these experts and I are on the same page about what my Defender will be and that Arkonik is dedicated to satisfying their customers. Go there if you have the chance.”

An Arkonik client next to a Land Rover Defender at Eastnor Castle.

Grass Roots

“Finally, I was thrilled with the opportunity to participate in the Land Rover Experience in the grounds of Eastnor Castle, courtesy of Arkonik. This is essentially an all-terrain facility operated by Land Rover, where they test their own pre-production models and ongoing R&D.

The goal: learning to drive off-road in a safe and fun environment. The informal teaching program covers everything from effective use of the gear ratios to approach and descent angles and maximum wading depths; all set within idyllic English countryside spread over 5000 acres.”
Scott W | Upstate New York, USA