Trucks of the Year 2018

Trucks of the Year 2018

As another year comes to a close, we asked the Arkonik team to reflect on their favourite builds from those created during 2018. For some it’s the pristine colour finish and sumptuous interior, whilst for others it’s all about the engine. Find the A-team selection below.

Split view of blue soft-top D90 and Black D90 on the beachfront

“I’m a petrolhead at heart, so my favourite build has to include a V8 engine with its rich burbling exhaust notes. I also think a minimalist look without too many accessories is very flattering so in my book, PANDORA is definitely one of the best.” Andy Johnson | Engines Manager

ROCCO was my favourite truck this year. I prefer the D90s, but what really caught my eye with this one was the gleaming Java Black body colour alongside the striking black and orange Ruskin interior.” Penny Tombs | Trainee Commercial Manager

Split view of Arkonik Heritage style green and grey Defender 110s

“My favourite build this year was our GRYPHON Edition. This Defender perfectly balances modern accessories with classic style choices; this coupled with an exquisite interior trim made the truck a real spectacle.” Tom Maxwell | Business Development Director

“I drive a Defender myself and see a lot of them at off-roading events. Most of the time, they’re dark colours so it was great to see such a unique colour combination on this D110. With modular steels and a Heritage Grille, it’s exactly what a Defender should be.” Craig Venn | Technical Manager

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