Etienne Salome x B500X D90 Concept: A New Heart

Etienne Salome x B500X D90 Concept: A New Heart

Part Two: A New Heart

At the heart of every restoration is the engine. For such a special build it simply had to be a V8. Equally, it couldn’t just be a ‘standard’ V8. Ohh no, for this particular application we bored the original engine out to 3.9L. Mated to such a lightweight specification, this Land Rover will have the punch to match the gorgeous looks enveloped with that infectious V8 growl.

With just a couple of weeks until completion and event unveiling, it’s been great to follow the progress of our first of five planned ‘B500X Arkonik by Etienne’ Beach Cruisers come to life. The engine is the heart and soul of our collaboration project and with its unique design provided by Etienne Salomé, I know we are all looking forward to our first drive, with the wind in our hair and the intoxicating sound of the 3.9L V8. Del Gregory | Founder B500X

Watch the film here.

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