INVICTUS D90: Makes an Entrance

Makes an Entrance

This build is a prime example of how a custom Defender can really come into its own. INVICTUS was designed by our client to echo University of Illinois colors, where this husband and wife team enjoyed their school years.  Both inside and out, this loud and proud adventure style D90 is equipped and ready to indulge its owner’s outdoor lifestyle.

Side view of an orange Defender on a rugby pitch

This was a great opportunity to get a modernized version of what I wanted all those years ago.
Owner | Illinois, USA


This Defender is packed with adventure accessories. The Front Runner® roof rack will be perfect for transporting skiing and camping equipment, and is also fitted with 14 LED lights to provide 360° visibility on the campsite. Off-road biased gear includes a Safari® Snorkel, WARN® winch, First Four® Shadow bumper and Terrafirma® suspension, making it invincible on any trail.

Defender interior with blur and black leather upholstery


Internally, the custom upholstered Elite Sports seats compliment the exterior in black and blue super-soft leather with contrasting orange stitch. The personalized MOMO® steering wheel will provide ultimate control when this driver gets into those tight off-road corners.

“I’ve always wanted a Defender. My passion is outdoors: camping, fly fishing, and skiing, and I was looking for a vehicle that could get me anywhere I wanted to go. This was a great opportunity to get a modernized version of what I wanted all those years ago. 

When it came to designing my Defender, two things influenced the design. First and foremost, my love for the University of Illinois where my wife and I went to school. Orange and blue are our school colors, so I incorporated those into the build of the vehicle. Second, I wanted something that could handle any outdoor situation thrown at it, which is why it is loaded with lots of off-road ready features.”

Owner | Illinois, USA

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