PHANTOM D110: Protect and Defend

Protect and Defend

PHANTOM is ready to burst into action, emerging from the undergrowth to combat everything in its path. This Orkney Grey apparition is ready to defend, clad in heavy-duty Raptor paintwork wrapped in a mild steel roll-cage.



This vehicle will not be pampered or kept in a garage, it will have the mission of a life time…to save children!

Tony Sparks | Founder, Phantom Rescue

Terrafirma® suspension will allow this Defender to navigate high-intensity terrain, coupled with dominating BFGoodrich® All-Terrain tyres and bead-locked Mach 5 wheels. A full spectrum of lighting accessories have been included to cut through the mist and darkness. Trucklite® LED headlamps, twin DRLs and six Hella® spotlights fitted to the roof rack and A-bar to make sure this Defender is impossible to ambush.



“Internally, PHANTOM combines black alcantara fluting with nappa leather and suede headlining to create an interior which is both sleek and practical. Drivers are supported by lock boxes with USB powerpoints, a Pioneer® sound system with Apple CarPlay® and reversing camera. We searched multiple companies for several different types and style vehicles for over two years until we came to the final decision for Arkonik and the D110 to support our goals. I am sure most that purchase an Arkonik have a vision to enjoy it as an urban vehicle or for treking in the mountains, desert, countryside, or just for fun off-roading.  That is not us. 

Our Defender will be used in a very unique way to support Phantom Rescue, which is an organization that deploys globally to rescue children that have been abducted and sold into the Human Trafficking Industry. Once the vehicle arrives in a few weeks, it will be outfitted to be air loadable so that is can be transported anywhere in the world to support our mission to locate, rescue and return abducted children, regardless of the terrain, environment or weather conditions.  The Defender will be maintained at the ready 24/7 to deploy when the call comes in. 

When the Defender is not deployed it will have a secondary mission travelling to public schools, community and scouting events, and be displayed as a learning aid about the risk of human trafficking our children face. This vehicle will not be pampered or kept in a garage, it will have the mission of a life time…to save children!” 
Tony Sparks | Founder, Phantom Rescue

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