Preparing for the Future: Exec Team Update

Preparing for the Future:
Exec Team Update

Penny Tombs | HR & Commercial Manager

Firstly, thank you to everyone for your continued support and interest in Arkonik. These last few weeks have been challenging to say the least for everyone across the world, but at Arkonik we want to continue to share with you our optimism for a safe and productive future for all, hopefully in the not too distant future.

Here at our HQ in the heart of Somerset, I have continued to come into the office every day since we closed our doors on production following Government advice. We have created a safe ‘bubble’ I can work in, so that I can ensure the majority of the day to day tasks are still dealt with, ready for the full company return. 

It has been a learning curve as well, I’m sure many of us had never heard of the term furlough until a few weeks ago! However this is something that I have navigated through with our employees and been available to answer any questions that have been raised.

Our daily Executive Team meetings have helped us formulate our plan for our grand reopening and the changes that we will be implementing to ensure a stronger, more efficient team to build our beautiful Defenders.

My office looks out over the Assembly area and I have the pleasure every day of looking out over these incredible trucks and watching the final elements coming together. The only thing missing is the noise from the staff, tools and five different radio stations! I am looking forward to the Arkonik family being back together soon.

Take care and stay safe.