Puma – The final evolution of Defender can be yours

Puma – The final evolution of Defender can be yours

A 15 year legacy

With more lenient importation rules for Canadian vehicles—15 years instead of 25 years in the US for donor vehicles—our clients in The Great White North can directly benefit by spec’ing the last generation of the original Defender, a 2.4-litre TDCi PUMA variant.


In 2007, the Land Rover Defender underwent a significant evolution, making it more powerful and modern. The upgrade featured a 122bhp DuraTorq TDCi four-cylinder turbo diesel engine from Ford (aka PUMA), paired with a smooth six-speed manual gearbox. Inside, you’ll find a more contemporary dashboard and safer, forward-facing rear seats in the Station Wagon models. Externally, the design changes were minimal, with a reshaped bonnet that includes a pressed bulge to accommodate the taller engine and comply with pedestrian safety laws.



Experience improved on and off-road performance with anti-lock brakes and traction control. Inside, the Defender now comes with forward-facing seats equipped with conventional seat belts in the load area, enhancing occupant safety


The engine features common-rail fuel injection, a high-pressure system that boosts refinement, performance, and fuel economy. The updated interior includes a new fascia with instruments from the Discovery 3, an enhanced heating and ventilation system, and power windows plus 60/40 split middle row seats providing with more legroom


Powered by an EU4-compliant engine originally designed for the Ford Transit van and tailored for SAS and agricultural use, the PUMA Defender is more robust and reliable than ever before

Towing capacity

With increased torque of 265 lb-ft delivered at just 2,000 rpm and paired with a six-speed manual gearbox, the Defender offers a wider spread of gear ratios—20% higher in top gear—making it more capable of pulling heavy loads.

Feeling inspired?

Our friendly sales team are ready to help craft your very own PUMA generation Defender, with Arkonik enhancements as standard. You can reach them via email or call 1-800-984-3355.