SUMMER PROMO:Winner Announcement

Winner Announcement

This Summer Arkonik gave their clients the opportunity to WIN a Defender 90 soft-top to accompany their order upon delivery! We are thrilled to announce the winner as Mr David Maughan & his family. This Phoenix Orange D90 will accompany their Santorini Black D110 when it arrives in Colorado next year.


When I got the call I just couldn’t believe it was true!
David Maughan


“When I got the call I just couldn’t believe it was true! That night, as we sat around the table for our family dinner, I told the kids that we had a very serious announcement to make. I pulled out a picture of the D90 and told them that we won! They all started screaming excitedly in disbelief. We are all thrilled beyond belief and can’t wait to hit the mountain trails together in our Defender!”
David Maughan


“When I was 15 years old I saw a family who were new to the neighbourhood, drive down the street in a white, Jeep type car. I wasn’t much of a car person but I knew that it was the coolest car I had ever seen and I thought to myself, I will have one of those cars one day. Fast forward another 15 years and I am married with three awesome kids. In my mind, the Defender is the coolest family car we could ever have. To have a car that could climb a mountain with ease and take my family off the beaten path to explore more of our beautiful state would be a dream come true!”
Amber Maughan


“We are passionate about two things in our life: our family and the outdoors. On our perfect day, we would wake up early in the beautiful Rocky Mountains and hit the 4 wheel drive only trail that was carved out over 150 years ago by courageous silver miners. Even in the summer, the air would be nice and crisp so we’d be wearing jackets and breathing in the crisp, cool air as we headed up the mountain in the soft-top D90. A glorious, perfect day with the family, in the outdoors—in the ultimate vehicle! A perfect day indeed.”
David Maughan | Winner


Given the fact that any perfect day in an Arkonik soft-top D90 would include Mr & Mrs Maughan’s three kids, they asked them to write their own thoughts! (See eight-year-old Nicole’s entry above).


The winner was chosen from 30 entries by our independent judge Pat Ward, who based his choice on originality, creativity and the overall quality. 

“The winner for me is the family from Colorado who went the extra mile to provide pictures, had the wife talk about her first time spotting a Defender wondering what it was and having the three kids writing a letter. Julianne’s letter about her mom always wanting a Defender, now she can have hers. Well played on his part to get the entire family involved in the story.”
Pat Ward | Ex-Head of Sales for Jaguar Land Rover USA