The Arkonik Difference: Part Five

The Arkonik Difference: Part Five

Geared for Life

In part five of our Arkonik Difference build series, we turn our attention to our Transmission department with Dave Pickin, Transmission Manager. The Arkonik ‘leave no stone unturned’ attitude to refurbishment could not be more evident than when it comes to the vehicle’s five-speed, manual, ‘stick’ transmissions and transfer boxes.

Nothing is retained except the outer casings and housings. We fit brand new British-made gearbox internals and uprated clutch hardware. Still, our gearbox team is forensic when it comes to the strip down, looking for any tell-tale signs that might point to weakness elsewhere along the powertrain.

We can also offer Automatic Transmission ranging from an original 4-speed to a high-tech, SVO 6-speed variant, depending on your engine specification. 


I do believe we build the best Land Rovers in the world, without a shadow of a doubt. Dave Pickin | Transmission Manager

Watch Part Five HERE

Arkonik Transmission rebuild

Arkonik Transmission rebuild

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