The Arkonik Difference: Part Nine

The Arkonik Difference: Part Nine

Welcome To Testing.

Our testing procedure has been meticulously refined to a 300-mile programme split into three sessions; each designed to be tough enough to ensure that the finished Defender is bug-free and perfectly adjusted. The testing process is constantly reviewed in order to ensure that Arkonik Defenders are always brought to the very finest state of completion.

On average, a truck takes between ten and fifteen days to move through all the testing stages; Once the vehicle has passed vigorous water testing, gained VOSA MOT certification and the quality control team are 100% satisfied, the truck will receive its final valet including extensive underside protection.

The two things I enjoy about this job the most are driving the trucks and the looks you get from people; That’s when you know you’re driving something special. But the best moment of all is finishing a build and being able to stand back, look at the Defender, and just feel a great sense of pride. Jon Sadler, Quality Control Manager

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