The Arkonik Difference: Part Seven

The Arkonik Difference: Part Seven

Tailored to Fit

Welcome to the seventh edition of our Arkonik Difference build series. This week, we shine the light on our Assembly Department. Featuring interior trim and refit with Assembly Supervisor, Richard James. 

Upon entering the Assembly Department as a rolling chassis, our Defenders are completely transformed into the finished product. From insulation and carpeting to dashboard trim and water testing; every part of the refit is done in-house, with support from our seat manufacturer and upholsterers.

From my point of view, what makes an Arkonik Defender is the people who build them. There’s not one truck that leaves Assembly that the builder doesn’t love. Richard James, Assembly Supervisor

Flexible Accommodation

With the ability to seat up to nine people, an Arkonik Defender can easily cater for all eventualities. Whether you’re planning an overland expedition or doing the school run, our vehicles are the perfect companion for everyone onboard.

Watch Part Seven HERE