The Arkonik Winter Survival Guide

The Arkonik Winter Survival Guide

Whether you’re facing heavy snowfall, icy roads, or maybe just some relentless rainfall, our handy Winter Survival Guide below is here to help you continue the adventure well into the winter months!

  • Tires, Tires, Tires:
    The first and most obvious point of call over the winter is making sure your tires are safe to go, no matter what weather you’re faced with. Checking tire conditions as you head into winter means you can stay ahead of any potential issues bad weather could bring;
    • Check your tread for foreign objects and make sure you’re at the legal level required which is indicated on your tires
    • Ensure that your pressure levels are correct; The standard PSI level is 32, but be sure you research the optimal level for your terrain
    • Inspect the overall tire condition for any indicators of perishing.
  • Coolant is Cooler:
    It’s vital that you regularly check that the coolant level in the expansion tank is topped up, and with coolant and not water during colder months. This is down to the fact coolant provides freeze protection in winter.
  • The Big Freeze:
    Make sure there is washer fluid in the washer bottle, just in case. If you’re in areas of severe lower temperatures, in high altitude, or in areas prone to snow, then you will need to have a higher-grade content of anti-freeze within the wash fluid you’re using (-40 degrees Celcius).

    If you’re in very cold areas that hit -20 degrees Celcius, it’s safe to add anti-gel cold-weather diesel treatment as an additive to your fuel (diesel only).
  • Cold Start-Ups:
    The battery will be working hard for cold starts. Make sure battery terminals are clean and batteries are charged to avoid any start-up issues.
  • Tough Traction:
    If you are struggling to get traction due to poor weather situations, engage the Diff lock, which is located below the main shifter on the smaller stick, positions bottom left. The light will indicate ‘Diff lock on’  within the warning dashboard. IMPORTANT: Remember to switch back when you return to normal terrain.
  • Be Prepared:
    Finally, our favorite tip of them all: Be sure to carry a flask of hot chocolate, you never know when you might need the extra boost of warmth!