The long way home: 2500 mile road trip

The long way home: 2500 mile road trip

The 2500 mile journey was a great way to get to know Bessi and to start to build some fun memories, the Arkonik Customer Care team have been a great support and have linked us up with a local Approved Service Centre who are very knowledgeable and helpful. We’re already planning future adventures complete with a new roof tent for camping under the stars. Jeff | Owner

Canadian residents, Lyndi and Jeff recently took delivery of their pre-loved Bonatti Grey 110 at our SVO division in Charleston, SC. While this is always an event in itself, they elevated the experience by embarking on a 2500-mile journey home to Saskatoon, Canada, in their newly acquired station wagon.

The couple flew into Charleston and relished two days exploring our second home, with its rich history and vibrant restaurant scene. The SVO team, led by Dan and Tuesday, had prepared a special welcome package for Lyndi as their trip coincided with her birthday, in addition to their usual hospitality. After meeting the team and exploring the facility, they experienced the grand reveal where they laid eyes on their freshly detailed Land Rover for the first time, complete with a ceramic coat.

Being avid country music fans, they departed early the next morning for Nashville, traveling via a stunning picturesque route through the natural beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains. Along the route, the truck proved to be a real conversation starter and they shared one story of a local who approached their Land Rover with great enthusiasm, exclaiming, “I ain’t never seen nothin’ so purdy as that.”

A significant part of the charm and appeal of a Defender lies in its uniqueness. These quirks were playfully joked about and highlighted by a valet at their hotel who couldn’t figure out the locations of the ignition key and parking brake! It’s a tradition for the couple to name their vehicles, and they christened the Land Rover with the name Bessi, in honor of an entertaining guide they met in Iceland many years ago. It was during this first spirited ride in a Defender with Bessi that they caught the Land Rover bug.

The next leg to Chicago was smooth, and once again, their vehicle drew curiosity wherever they parked it. They took in some scenic spots along the way, with the highlight being the Chicago skyline appearing through the flat Defender windshield. Day four of the adventure took the couple through Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North Dakota. Inspired by their nomadic trip, Lyndi decided she wanted to camp out in the back of the Land Rover rather than stay in a hotel. Though a bit tight on space, it was fun and added to the overall experience.

The final day marked the last stretch of their journey back to their hometown of Saskatoon. The border crossing presented a new challenge of importing a vehicle from the US to Canada, but it was swiftly dealt with, and soon they were home with their new pride and joy, along with memories that would last a lifetime

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