Savour the sweetness of a $15,000* deposit contribution

Savour the sweetness of a $15,000* deposit contribution

Why not add a dash of flavor to this festive season with a ride that perfectly complements your taste! For the entire month of December, savor the sweetness of a $15,000* deposit contribution. Limited to five custom build slots. Indulge in the joyful experience of an Arkonik Land Rover—it’s never tasted so good!

What’s your flavour…?

Our Land Rovers are the perfect companions for every season—built to withstand the test of time and adapt to the ever-changing weather. Each one carries the same DNA but comes with its own unique personality and purpose. So, which will you choose…?


Not just homage; it’s a festive symphony of respect for a timeless icon. Imagine capturing the essence of holiday magic from its very inception, much like the raw allure of its debut in 1948 as the Land Rover Series I.

In this joyful tribute, external accents become ornaments that tell history’s enchanting tale. Steel rims dipped in the festive glow of Chawton White, seamlessly blend tradition with modern flair. Folding side steps beckon you in like a welcoming present, while the heritage grille acts as a decorative bow, connecting the iconic past to the present.


Step into urban sophistication – a fusion of heritage and contemporary style reigning supreme in the cityscape. As you navigate your daily commute through the twinkling lights of the city, get ready to turn heads and spread holiday cheer. This style stands tall, a statement on every festively decorated street.

Iconic Defender lines now blend seamlessly with sleek trim, creating a merry harmony that reinvigorates its timeless design. Choose from a range of alloy wheels to personalize your ride, echoing your unique holiday spirit.


Unleash your Defender’s wild potential with a symphony of overland accessories. Transform your drive into a magical adventure, whether you’re cruising down asphalt streets adorned with twinkling lights or exploring open horizons decorated by the wonders of the season. When nature calls, envision your uprated suspension and mud-shredding tires skillfully taming rough terrain, and chequer plate armour fearlessly leading the way like robust decorations on your vehicle.

Picture uprated lights turning the night into a playground, where every corner holds the promise of holiday magic. Envision worry-free journeys with an extended tank and extra luggage capacity, ready for anything Mother Nature or holiday adventures throw your way.

Find your flavour here or to secure your savings, call (800) 984-3355 or click on the button below to email our sales team.

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*$15,000 deposit contribution applies to N.America. For the Rest of the World, it is £10,000.