• Andy Hayes

    Andy Hayes Managing Director

    Thomas Parry

    Thomas Parry Sales & Marketing Director

    Grant Spicer

    Grant Spicer Customer Experience Director

  • Becky Ford

    Becky Ford SVO Managing Director

    Mackenzie Ford

    Mackenzie Ford SVO Logistics Coordinator

    Andy Woosley

    Andy Woosley SVO Technician

    Toni Mojica

    Toni Mojica SVO Technician

    Caspian Burrell

    Caspian Burrell SVO Technician

  • Toby Cole

    Toby Cole Sales Executive

    Andy Stacey

    Andy Stacey Creative Brand Manager

    Lauren Groves

    Lauren Groves Marketing Executive

    Ben Everett

    Ben Everett Videographer / Photographer

    Declan Bishop

    Declan Bishop Used Parts Sales Administrator

    Megan Bradley

    Megan Bradley Marketing and PR Manager

  • Sam Pearce

    Sam Pearce Customer Experience Representative

    Scott McCabe

    Scott McCabe Shipping & Logistics Manager

    Tom House

    Tom House Customer Experience Manager

    Oliver Harrington

    Oliver Harrington Customer Experience Representative

  • Penny Tombs

    Penny Tombs Senior HR & Commercial Manager

    Sharon Benkins

    Sharon Benkins Commercial Assistant

    Sophie Bontoft

    Sophie Bontoft Commercial Assistant

    Andy Cox

    Andy Cox Production Director

    Joe Archer

    Joe Archer Production Manager

    Dan Adams

    Dan Adams Special Projects Technical Manager

    Nick Elvin

    Nick Elvin Maintenance Manager

  • Jonathan Sadler

    Jonathan Sadler Quality Control Manager

    Russell Sadler

    Russell Sadler Testing Technician

    Elijah Edgington

    Elijah Edgington Testing Technician

    Gavin Allison

    Gavin Allison Testing Technician

  • Jake Davis

    Jake Davis Engine Manager

    David Pickin

    David Pickin Transmission Manager

    Josh Coward

    Josh Coward Transmission Technician

    Ben Bament

    Ben Bament Trainee Engine Technician

    Scott Davies

    Scott Davies Trainee Engine Engineer

  • Andrew Dutton

    Andrew Dutton Metalwork & Fabrication Manager

    Simon Watson

    Simon Watson Welder/Fabricator

    Seaan O'Brien

    Seaan O'Brien Metalwork & Fabrication Technician

    Jeffrey Cobb

    Jeffrey Cobb Parts Preparation Technician

    Sam Greenman

    Sam Greenman Vehicle Dismantler

    Thomas Greenman

    Thomas Greenman Welder

  • Nick Fowles

    Nick Fowles Body Shop Technician

    Sean Turnbull

    Sean Turnbull PAPS Manager

    Jack Keeley

    Jack Keeley PAPS Supervisor

    Ashley James

    Ashley James Paint Shop Technician

    Toby Price

    Toby Price Paint Shop Technician

    Justin Newman

    Justin Newman Body Shop Technician

    Mike Powell

    Mike Powell Body Shop Technician

    James Fowles

    James Fowles Body Shop Technician

    Robert Ashwell

    Robert Ashwell Body Shop Technician

  • Craig Venn

    Craig Venn Assembly Manager

    Richard James

    Richard James Assembly Support Supervisor

    James Patton

    James Patton Assembly Supervisor

    Sebastian Nix

    Sebastian Nix Assembly Training Supervisor

    Robbie Lapham

    Robbie Lapham Assembly Technician

    Jake Stevens

    Jake Stevens Assembly Technician

    Adam Bell

    Adam Bell Assembly Technician

    Chris Wyatt

    Chris Wyatt Assembly Technician

    Maria Kelleher

    Maria Kelleher Assembly Technician

    Jack Hornby

    Jack Hornby Assembly Technician

    Kane Farthing

    Kane Farthing Assembly Technician

    Marek Kolodziej

    Marek Kolodziej Assembly Technician

    Duncan Andrews

    Duncan Andrews Assembly Technician

    Stuart Elliott

    Stuart Elliott Assembly Technician

  • Matthew Johnston

    Matthew Johnston Auto Electrical Manager

    Levi Minshull

    Levi Minshull Auto Electrical Supervisor

    Ricky-Lee Oliver

    Ricky-Lee Oliver Auto Electrician

    Tom Gould

    Tom Gould Auto Electrician

    Jacobus Kerkhoff

    Jacobus Kerkhoff Trainee Electrician

    Tom Savine

    Tom Savine Trainee Electrician

    Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore Trainee Electrician

  • Scott Venn

    Scott Venn Procurement Manager

    Patryk Sitek

    Patryk Sitek Stores Assistant

    Westly Frood

    Westly Frood Stores Assistant

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