Past, Present and the Future

Past, Present and the Future

“2019 was a wonderful year of fulfilment and growth for both myself and Arkonik. From 2nd January right through to this moment it has been non-stop. These words were written on the return journey from my latest trip to Charleston, South Carolina, where I had a great 10 days doing business and enjoying fine company. I also managed to fit in a little cycling and camping in the ACE basin and coastal areas.

Following significant investment and incredible local support, I am now pleased to announce that Charleston has been chosen to become the new hub for Arkonik in the USA. Our new lakeside showroom and workshop will provide many wonderful opportunities for both our clients and staff.

Meanwhile in the UK, we have invested over a million pounds this year in non-stop product and process development. Continuous careful leadership and a collaborative vision has led to us experiencing a huge surge in powerful team growth. Arkonik is a very cool and a very happy place to be.


The teams hard work and the company’s expansion, also led us to the decision to purchase the Somerset business estate that has been our home for the past 6 years. This will allow us to further refine and expand our unique production process this year, becoming ever more streamlined and efficient. We expect to build and deliver 72 unique Arkonik Defenders to our clients; a 20% increase on 2019. Each vehicle shall be a vital and compelling accomplishment, completed to an incomparable standard of concourse detail.

The completion of our very own, very special UJO project marks another very important aspect to our year, the research and design work which has gone into this project will cascade into many new client options for 2020 and beyond. This vehicle will be exhibited at the Autosport International Motorshow next week in collaboration with Tarox® Performance Brakes.

I am fortunate to be well supported by many extraordinary colleagues and as such, I am able to make time for myself. So whilst Arkonik did take up a good deal of my time in 2019, I still found time for cycling excursions and camping trips across Oregon, California, Jordan and Scotland. Keeping myself healthy and fit is an important part of Arkonik’s own energetic pulse.

All in all an extraordinary year of growth and accomplishments for our very unique business and for me personally. Growth which provides solid foundations for unparalleled and unprecedented further investment, and innovations for our Defenders and our clients for the year to come.

To our clients, suppliers, friends and followers, I wish you a very happy and prosperous new year. Stay tuned, things are happening quick and I don’t want you to miss a single thing.”