Shackleton x Arkonik: Behind the scenes SS24

Shackleton x Arkonik: Behind the scenes SS24

Shared values

As you’ll already know, we have a passion for collaborating with inspirational adventure-based brands, and Shackleton certainly fits the bill. With an exclusive license from the Shackleton family to utilize the intrepid explorer’s name, their apparel boasts high-tech, performance-driven features and embodies modern explorer quality. Therefore, when they approached us to support their Spring/Summer apparel launch, it was a no-brainer; we eagerly seized the opportunity.

Once you read of Shackleton’s exploits, he takes hold of your imagination. And then he becomes the benchmark by which you measure the goals you set yourself … the way you go about achieving them … and how you treat those who share that journey with you. Martin Brooks | Shackleton Co-Founder

Discover the range

Their apparel range comprises seasonal high-performance down jackets, merino base layers, and waterproof parkas, all meticulously engineered for extreme weather conditions. 

Fueled by exploration and innovation, the company is rooted in the life and values of polar pioneer Sir Ernest Shackleton, striving to inspire, empower, and equip individuals to Live Courageously.

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Expedition experiences

In addition, you can embark on Shackleton Challenges, following in the footsteps of record-breaking leaders through expedition experiences in the world’s most formidable destinations.

Photo: © Shackleton 2024

Shackleton Challenges offers a unique expedition experience and training program specifically crafted to complement the range of Shackleton expedition-grade apparel. Whether summiting Mont Blanc or traversing the Arabian desert by SUV, camel, and foot, they provide life affirming adventures.

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Big thanks to Mano at Good Spaces for facilitating, Martin Hartley for his creativity and professionalism plus of course, Martin and the crew from Shackleton.