TD5 – The ultimate Turbo Diesel AVAILABLE NOW

TD5 – The ultimate Turbo Diesel AVAILABLE NOW

Coming of age

Our core business model revolves around restoring and reimagining Land Rovers for a global market, with a specific emphasis on 25-year-old vintage models tailored for the USA. Thanks to the 25-year rule governing imports to the USA, we can now accommodate custom build orders for the Td5 (Turbo Diesel) engine.


Conceived in 1998 and designed in-house, BMW, which owned Land Rover at the time, intended to utilize one of their own four or six-cylinder diesels, as already installed in the Freelander. However, during testing on the Discovery, they discovered that the engine bay was too short for the six-cylinder diesel. As a result, the Td5 project gained momentum. The development of the Td5 engine was entrusted to the UK-based Land Rover engineering team. It became Land Rover’s final in-house diesel engine and the exclusive engine available in the Defender until the introduction of the Puma in 2007, which was equipped with a Ford 2.4L TDCi engine


To enhance fuel consumption, the Td5 utilizes electronic unit injectors to burn the optimal amount of fuel at any given time. Upon its initial release, this fuel efficiency negated the need for an additional catalytic converter to meet emission regulations. The power increased to 122bhp, up from 111bhp in the Tdi. The maximum torque, or ‘pulling power,’ is 221lb.ft at 1950rpm.

A significant advancement of the Td5 was the installation of an Engine Control Unit (ECU), codenamed ‘Thunder,’ developed in collaboration with Lucas. This makes the engine infinitely tunable for additional power gains and improved drivability, while also simplifying diagnostics. Nevertheless, it remains a relatively simple engine in modern terms, making it conducive to favorable servicing and durability.

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Our friendly sales team are ready to help craft your very own TD5 powered Defender, with Arkonik enhancements as standard.

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