The Arkonik Difference: Part One

The Arkonik Difference: Part One

Join us as we head behind the scenes at Arkonik HQ to explore exactly what goes into bringing an Arkonik Defender to life. We meet with various members of the team to get a first-hand insight at each part of the build process. We will be covering every step of the journey from a bare frame up to the finished build. 

Part One

In this feature, we look at the first step of the workshop process as we meet with Workshop Supervisor, James Patton; as he talks us through the meticulous transformation of a bare frame into a rolling chassis.

A lot of love goes into making an Arkonik Defender…  I’m very proud of what I do and it’s a fantastic feeling watching the end product coming out of the workshop. James Patton | Workshop Supervisor 

Watch Part One Here